Essays on Banking on Wikileaks

It is known that Wikileaks is an international non-profit organization which is engaged in publishing submissions of private media from anonymous news sources.
The main goal of this organization is to bring the most important and interesting news to the public. It has its website which was set going in 2006.
The problem is that Wikileaks posts internal memos and various information concerning banks and major corporations. This fact has a negative impact on the banks. Bank of America should refuse to process payments for Wikileaks because Wikileaks may be engaged in the activities which are absolutely inconsistent with their policies.

It is known that the Director of Wikileaks gave an interview where he said that they were going “to take down”ť American Bank. He also said that they were going to show up a so called “ecosystem of corruption”ť by means of data from hard drive of the executive. A serious investigation has been carried out by the representatives of Bank of America. A great deal of different documents which were set out for public were scoured. Several law organizations helped them to solve legal problems which were the result of disclosure. It includes the potential liability of private information of the Bank of America.

It is clear that all these actions could lead to the only way out of the situation ”“ to stop doing business with Wikileaks. I think this is the right decision because such relationship can threat the reputation of the bank’s fair name and can reduce the number of clients. Wikileaks is really doing business which can break the policy of the Bank of America. Although it is considered to be that Wikileaks is an organization which tries to bring forward the truth about the US corporations and organizations, the information on the website of Wikileaks may be unreliable or even untruthful. The representatives of Wikileaks are sure that corporations and organizations may be very powerful and may be very dangerous for the public. That is why they decided to inform the public about their actions.

Business ethics does not support this idea. There may be some cases in business of this or that organization or corporation which are not allowed to be made public. There may be some secrets in business affairs and the public should not know all the facts and details of this or that case.

According to deontological ethics, all the decision should be made solely and the duties and the rights of others should be taken into consideration. In our case Wikileaks should have some moral obligations concerning Bank of America. That is why it is impossible to justify the immoral actions of Wikileaks regarding Bank of America.

According to utilitarian ethics, Wikileaks tries to build an ideal society that is why Wikileaks are interested in distribution of wealth in the society and maximizing the good. Wikileaks wants to make our society better by means of spreading information connected with the banks and other organizations and corporations. Of course, Wikileaks tries to find some secret information but it is not good because this information can ruin the society and can lead to war actions.
So, I think that Bank of America should refuse to do any business with Wikileaks.

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