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Executive Summary
This business plan is a description of the medical diagnostic center “Helios”¯, established to provide diagnostic and quality health care for patients with obesity and overweight.
The project of the medical center “Helios”¯ is aimed at providing different types of services to meet the needs of people in the highly qualified medical help. The main benefit of the “Helios”¯ Center is provision of comprehensive professional medical services to a wide range of patients because of the affordable prices, but with individual approach to each client. Short-term objectives of the project presented in this business plan suggest the opening of the new medical center to diagnose and treat obesity. Long-term goals of the project suggests to expand the network of such medical
centers by opening branches.

This project is attractive for investors, who can earn income from their investments, and for the founders, which will in future also be able to get a steady income. The estimated duration of the project, presented in this business plan, require payback period within 12 months. But the project is expected to be financially feasible and highly effective for investors.

Services Description
One of the important problems of the 21 century is a large number of people suffering from overweight. Every year in the world die thousands of people because of the diseases and complications caused by obesity, such as hypertension, joint disease or disorders of the endocrine system, etc. That is why in recent years, many people began to monitor their health and pay much attention to nutrition and lifestyle in general.
In order to start treatment of obesity it is necessary first to find out the causes of overweight, and only then to make a plan of actions, to define a program to reduce excess weight without harm to the health and with good final result. The new center “Helios”¯ offers a wide range of services for diagnosis, treatment and prevention of obesity and the problems associated with overweight.

Medical center “Helios”¯ can offer its clients diversified health care services in the field of diagnostics, medical counseling and treatment of obesity, such as:
– full body diagnosis based on the latest technologies and development of medicine;
– medical consultation on weight loss;
– Consultation of dietitian;
– Weight loss programs and treatment of obesity
– Liposuction;
– Physical therapy procedures;
– Massage (hygienic, medical, sports, beauty);
– Cosmetic services.

The main benefits of the “Helios”¯ Center are highly professional services at affordable prices and individual approach to each client. Medical center “Helios”¯ will differ from other medical institutions because it is a unified integrated system that provides multi-layered and comprehensive diagnosis of the human body, effective programs of weight loss and obesity treatment, programs of prevention of various diseases, advice on beauty and health for both children and adults with obesity. All these activities will be carried out using the latest technology in the diagnosis and obesity treatment. And professional counseling allows patients to receive indispensable information about the state of their health and ways to improve it. Highly qualified specialists of the “Helios”¯ center in their practice will use the latest innovations in the diagnosis and treatment of obesity, cosmetology, rehabilitation, psychological help and many other areas of modern medicine. Almost all the innovative methods of diagnosis, cosmetology, as well as unique weight loss and correction program guarantee high results of treatment.


Organizational Plan
The efficient operation of medical diagnostic and treatment center ensure highly qualified professionals who have experience in providing similar services. The staff of the medical center “Helios”¯ consists of doctors of the highest and first categories. Most professionals have years of experience in clinical practice, which allows physicians to conduct clinical studies and summarize the results of scientific research. A number of doctors of the medical center have academic degrees, and are candidates and doctors of medical sciences. Many physicians regularly participate in professional seminars, forums and scientific conferences that allow professionals to share best practices of treatment of diseases and the best medical techniques. In their work doctors rely on the latest advances in medicine, offer the patients the best diagnostic equipment, new methods of treating diseases and modern effective medicines.
The main objective of the center’s staff is to solve professionally any problem arising in a patient, anticipate and organize all necessary diagnostic measures that will enable a timely and effective treatment. All doctors working in the Center have extensive experience and are ready to help in diagnosing diseases and monitoring treatment outcomes.
The staff of the “Helios”¯ medical center can be divided into 3 groups.
1. Medical staff:
– Doctors (General practitioners) – 6
– Physicians – 3
– Nutritionists – 2
– Doctor of rehabilitation medicine – 1
– Instructor / exercise physiologist
– Nurse – 4
– Beauticians – 3
– Psychologist / psychotherapist
2. Administrative staff
– Senior Manager
– Executive managers – 3
– Accountant
– Marketing specialist
3. Other staff:
– Assistant – 4
– Cleaner – 3
– Technicians of medical equipment – 3


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