Custom essays on Freelance employment contract

Dear Ms. Smith:
I am happy to extend the following offer of the letter-based freelance employment contract. This letter will include all of the components required for a contract of a freelancer to be legal. Freelance employment contract is a complete contract that has specific requirements and proves the agreements between the company and the freelancer. The contract opens perspectives for the company and legalizes distant work of the freelancer.
It should be noted that the letter-based freelance employment contract is a simpler way to make a contract and to ensure faster communication and broader opportunities for the company and for the freelancer. There is an agreement considering the translations that have to be delivered on time each week, availability and constant communication, which is required by the contract. These conditions will provide productive cooperation, perspectives and new opportunities. It can be said that a freelance contract intends the rights and the requirements of the projects offered, and the corresponding possibility.custom essays
In consideration of your timely delivery of the freelance projects, we will pay a one-time sum of $2000.00 upon receipt of the work at the end of each month. If there will be additional projects and requirements, the sum will be adjusted. I am glad to negotiate other issues that are not included in the contract in case they will arise.
If this Agreement meets with your approval, please sign below to make this a binding contract between us. Please sign both copies and return one to me. The other signed copy is for your records.
Agreed to:

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