Meanwhile, Davis and co-authors Cathy Schoen and Stephen C. Schoenbaum, M.D are sure that there must be serious measures taken to improve the system of health care. If not, people will suffer a number of the diseases not because these diseases cannot be cured but because the treatments won’t be accessible to everybody. As a result, the number of people suffering different illnesses will be increased by 2020. Hence, Davis and others have created their own plan for the year 2020 concerning the health care state. According to this plan, everybody will automatically feature the health insurance until there is made a conscious and informed choice to change this. The second aspect should be the easy access to the health care, meaning that everybody could have it if needed. The third point of their plan is the necessity of the patient-responsive health care. Davis and others report that everybody is to be encouraged to feature an individual physician responsible to coordinate his or her care; moreover, the possibility to choose a doctor will be also included in the annual covered visit.

The fourth step to be taken, according to Davis and others, is the Information-driven health care, meaning that there should be a commitment created to improve the care quality by means of the clinical information systems along with aiding decision-making and measure care quality, and besides, the quality management promotion.

Anyway, Davis and others believe that the quantity of uninsured would dramatically fall to about six million in case there will be the improve of the current health care system in the following ways and a safety net for people outside the system will be provided.

In addition, every worker, even the part-time or temporary one, as well as simply the new employees would be automatically in the plan of the employer until the employee opted out. As a result, the FEHBP (Federal Employees Health Benefits Program) could be joined by any workers who don’t receive coverage from employers. Furthermore, those who would not have any private coverage would be covered by Medicare. Hence, Davis and others believe that Medicaid and the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) could automatically cover all people, including both families and single person, being below the federal poverty level, who don’t have any coverage by the employer plan or Medicare.

On the other hand, Ronald Bailey is against the automatic insurance. Thus, he believes that the year 2020 will be good concerning the American health care. Due to the health care reform legislation, there will be a higher number of the Americans covered by the health insurance. In addition, he thinks that the year 2020 will feature some improvements in the Americans’ health. The cardiovascular disease will continue to decline because of the cholesterol lower that will not be under protection any more, and it will be prescribed under the new treatment guidelines that are federally set. As to the cancer, its mortality rates will be lower, first of all because of the fact that people will be covered by the government programs or subsidized insurance and will have far earlier screening of cancer. However, the cancer and the cardiovascular disease will remain the main death causes among the Americans.

In addition, it may be said the health care reform will have some success in providing people with the access to medical therapies. However, Ronald stresses that there will also be the unseen aspect, such as the strict minimum benefits requirements of the insurance companies, the limitation of the administrative costs of insurers, the reluctance of the newer treatments authorize and doctor dearth. In addition, Ronald suggests that because of the government policy the investments in pharmaceutical and biotech research along with development are expected to fall off greatly. Hence, people in 2020 will be suffering from and also dying of the diseases that might have been cured had this health care version reform never been enacted. Finally, the health care reform will result in the fact that the Americans of the 2020 will lose the possibility of the rapid medicine development because of more equal access to the treatments in 2010.

In conclusion, there are different opinions what way the health care system should develop, however, everybody is sure that it must be improved. As for me, I think that the most desirable scenario is made by Davis and others, in which they state that everybody would have the access to medical treatments and would have the coverage. In addition, I think that is the most likely thing to happen in year 2020.

I strongly disagree with Ronald Bailey concerning the fact that the investments in pharmaceutical and biotech research along with development are expected to fall off greatly. Everybody is interested in the medicine development and there will be always investors because to find a secure of the dangerous disease always means a lot of money, so both government and private companies are interested and will be interested in this in 2020.

That is why the government should examine all the plans carefully and take the useful aspects. It also should be said that the health care system depends on the policy and economic conditions of the US. Of course, it may be rather difficult to use all steps of the plan; however, the most important ones should be considered.

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