Custom essays on Nokia Corporation

Recommendation of ways to improve corporate climate in an organization (Nokia)
The main purpose is to raise the efficiency of Nokia’s business in a dynamic competitive environment. Many experts consider that Nokia today is in a critical point and major changes are inevitable for the company in its movement. It can be said that, currently, Nokia accelerate the holding of such changes by selecting a new path to the return the leading position in the smartphone market, strengthening the platform of mobile phones and sales of investments in the future. The company plans to form a strategic alliance with Microsoft to create a global mobile ecosystem, based on the complementary assets. Nokia-Microsoft ecosystem will be focused on providing competitively differentiated products. It should be noted that by making the Windows Mobile as a platform for its smartphones, Nokia will help ensure a future for this platform, using its experience in optimizing hardware, the personalization software and language support. Without any doubts Nokia and Microsoft combine their interests in the area of services for innovation. Thus, the Nokia Maps service will be included in the structure of these key Microsoft assets as Bing and AdCenter, as well as Nokia’s stores applications and content will be integrated into Microsoft Marketplace. custom essays
Whatever will come the outcome of the battle on the mobile phone market, Nokia has a very strong back-line, because the company is actively implementing the strategy of diversification. In 2003 Nokia began the transformation of nine disparate business groups of the company into four independent units with various specializations, which now consists Nokia Group: Mobile Phones, Multimedia, Enterprise Solutions and Networks. In my opinion, this is the right diversification move by continuing an active struggle for the mobile phone market, the company pays much attention to other activities that will be powerful sources of growth when resources of the market of mobile telephony will be exhausted. This strategy is already paying off, in particular, the supply of network equipment, which brings to the company stable profit. In 2004, the results of the Networks division exceeded the expected profitability. The head of the company in 2004 called decisive in the development of infrastructure business of Nokia (the company became a supplier of 28 from 63 running in the operation commercial communications networks 3G).
2.3. The framework of organizational values that meet the specific strategic and operational needs of an organization (Nokia)
It can be said that by setting strategic partnership with Microsoft, Nokia can achieve a new level in its development. With this partnership, Windows Phone will serve as the primary platform for smartphones Nokia. These changes, according to the Finnish mobile phone manufacturer, will help the company cut costs in some of areas of activity, and thus streamline the work of many of its service units. Reorganization will also be subjected to the IT sector companies, followed by a reduction of approximately 450 employees worldwide.
In my opinion it will give the company following advantages:
 New approach to quantitative and qualitative growth of connection next billion to the Internet in developing and emerging markets;
 Concentrated investments in the explosive next-generation technologies;
 A new team of leaders, plus an organizational structure with a clear eye on the speed, efficiency and responsibility.
To sum it up I would like to say that without any doubts, currently, Nokia faced with serious problems. Of course, such situation requires immediate reaction from the top management of the company. In particular, Nokia has optimized its organizational structure, created a new management team, changed its corporate culture and established a strategic alliance with Microsoft. I believe that Nokia will solve current problems and become stronger and more flexible company than it was before crisis.

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