Essays on Reflective Writing Assignment

This essay is focusing on the discussion of some new insights or information the student gains while learning the course called POL 101. The paper discuss and answer few important questions, which are how does what the student has learned compare to the learning goals he or she listed in the Orientation Assignment, how will the student put his or her new knowledge to practical application in his or her everyday life and what might the student be interested in studying further about politics and government. The political life of the community is undeniably significant for each student, because it is included in all aspects of routine life.

As it is already known, the human is a political animal by his nature (Aristotle), thus, this area of the life of society will be always popular and needed. Goals that are listed in the Orientation Assignment are reaching while studying the course POL: 101. The success of political processes to channel disputes in a society can play a key role in ensuring a harmonious society, while their failure can lead to frustration that boils over into revolution or chaos. A comparative approach in this class, looking at how differently politics are organized in other countries, will provide a broader context to determine how well particular government structures and processes may work (Foucault M., 2010). It is behind any doubts that people take part in the political life of the country, its directions, political culture and the development of the political systems.

The knowledge gained through the study is extremely useful in the daily life of the student, so that he or she may put it to the practical application in order to make the life easier, understanding the basic concepts in political science. It helps to understand the reasons why one society lives in the peace, harmony and stability, while another one live in the cruelty, war and chaos. The learning material allows the student to gain knowledge about the way of passing along the values among one community to new members, including reasons of their difference with the other countries’ values. Further still, students gain the information about the importance of the structuring government institutions and its influence on the life of the society. In addition, changes that contemporary world faces during few centuries propose the global world transformation, including its political aspects and state universe.

There are few courses that will let the student improve and concentrate his or her knowledge about politics. For example, a student, who is interested in politics and further studying, may learn the course called the POL 102 Elementary Polish, American National Government, The American Constitution, and other courses. Moreover, the student might learn international and world politics, legislature and the judiciary. In conclusion, the POL 101 gives a lot of opportunities to students that will let them learn, analyze, and change the political life of the country, study specialized courses that add useful knowledge to another included in POL 101.

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