Essays on The poetry of Thomas Sterns Eliot

The poetry of Thomas Sterns Eliot is closely linked to historical facts, personalities and literature heritage. Thus, appropriate manifestations are found throughout the entire text. By analyzing the poem, there are plenty of illusions to pay attention to. The historic figure of King Ludwig; the “son of man”¯, as the illusion from Bible; Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”¯ and “Templates”¯ – words from the first were used in the second part of poem; Wagner’s opera “Die GƶtterdƤmmerung”¯ illusion in the song from “The Fire Sermon”¯, as well illusion to Scriptures of Buddhism in the title of this part; G. Frazer’s “The Golden Bough: A Study in Magic and Religion”¯ is used as the illusion of classic literature work . These are not all items as some more can be added easily.

The main value of the Waste Land is its incredibly enhanced meaning. The reader is not able to get the thought without handling other sources, useful to explain certain idea or part of the text, to feel the used figure, to find out the illusion and just to get the plot understandable.

The form of “The Wasteland”¯ writing was called by this author as “the mythical method”¯ (Bredick). The main idea of this literature tip intended to draw the analogues between figures form history and nowadays images. In other words, this method can be called as the unusual solution to underscore the theme in absolutely original way. To impress reader with historical interconnections, which will gather his/her interests around the reality.

As it was already emphasized, the analyzed poem was significantly contributed by author’s World War I aftermath experience. However, let’s remind that author was inspired to draw up the analogues between different at time images and literature figures. In this regard, the poem can be easily interpreted to the events following the era of great author. Aiming to carry out appropriate analysis, it has to be recognized that the concept of “The Wasteland”¯ is even more relevant to the times after this work was completed. The central point of relevance can be traced through the events of World War II. In this regard, the German references at the first part reach even greater sense. The figures of life cycle and death are also useful to be interpreted to the times of Nazi terror. The aftermath of World War II seems to be much more dreadful in comparison to first global war. Thus, the opening lines about “cruelest April”¯ kept their relevance. What about the moral decay and virtue character as the main idea of the chapter three ”“ “The Fire Sermon”¯. Seemingly, decline of morality has reached apogee after the poem was written. In this order, this idea of the poem took even more significance. There is not only the talk about The World War II, as this vice is common for modern reality as well. The feel of despair, madness, fear and pain did not left the society after the after World War I period was passed. The Waste Land is the product of humankind’s development. Thus, it will never be gone fully after the first appearance as inherent part of life reality. Thomas Sterns Eliot has proved that different at times events may have plenty of similarities between each other. Thereby, the light of this poem relevance will never be extinguished.
The last part of this essay is dedicated to the value of the analyzed poem. There is no purpose to praise “The Waste Land”¯ as outstanding property of literature and to pay tribute to amazing modern style of writer. There is the attempt to outline its value from practical point of view. It is stated that the concept of great poem can be incredibly useful and well implemented into some professional performances, especially, if we are talking about creative fields, such as interior designer. So, what future interior designers can learn from the great author? First of all, it is useful to get the idea about components combining. At first glance extremely different trends can serve to get multiple and comprehensive view on certain idea. However, it is important to get the images that are interrelated to each other with one thought and purpose. At second, the author teaches us not be afraid of innovations, which are needful for real creativity. Eliot’s work was long being criticized after it was published at first. Notwithstanding this fact, nowadays, it is studied in all high schools as the symbol of modern literature of 20th century. The illusions is one more point to be considered. “The Wasteland”¯ as no other art work is helpful to learn incredible power and potential contained in this art tip. The illusion force you to think about the product, what makes it interesting automatically. At last, Elliot provoke readers to expand their own horizons, what is most important to take constant professional growth. Truly, the potential of human’s minds does not have any boarders and amazing writer of 20th century encourages us to seek for new and unknown before. Obviously, there are no direct interconnections between style of writer’s poetry and the job of interior designer. However, we are able to find the guidelines, which are useful to contribute creative abilities.

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