Essays on Why Marijuana Should be legalized ?

Marijuana should be legalized because of the medical reasons. According to the medical studies of THC and Cannabinol, marijuana is used from nausea prevention as well as pain relief in chemotherapy. Hence, its legalization would definitely lead to further scientific investigations. (Pi, “Why Marijuana Should be Legalized”)
One more reason is that it is written about marijuana in the Bible: “He causeth the grass to grow for cattle, and herb for the service of man” ”“ (Psalm 10:14)
Besides, there are a number of other reasons for the legalization of marijuana. Drug dealers create their own empires around the illegal drugs, and if there is drug legalization, prices will drop that will result in drug empires hurting. In addition, we know that the Islamic fundamentalists fund their organizations with the help of drugs. Hence, the government will be able to control the market, and as a result, it will control where the drugs come from. (Pi, “Why Marijuana Should be Legalized”)
Reasons against the legalization of marijuana

Marijuana can lead to heroin, cocaine, or other harder drugs. According to the latest studies, marijuana users after some time would like to try the harder drug. That means that people that have begun to use any drug want to experiment with harder drugs. However, not all people who use marijuana will definitely turn to the harder stuff like heroin, LSD or cocaine. But the use of marijuana can embolden them to such experiments. (Messerli, Joe. “Should Marijuana be Legalized under any Circumstances?”)

The second reason against marijuana is the increase of the dangers like stoned driving. We all know that drunk driving remains a main problem nowadays despite all the education and stiff penalties. Stoned driving is even harder to detect as there isn’t any distinctive of a smell as with alcohol unless the user has been smoking in his car. Also, there’s always the possibility that people drugs can progress harder crimes, for example, rape and robbery.

The third reason against marijuana is that legalization could increase the chances that the children can use the drugs.
The fourth reason against legalization is the moral aspect. Many people think that the use of the drugs is wrong and immoral. It is a well-known fact that many religions and moral codes don’t allow to use the intoxicating substances.

The other reason against the marijuana legalization is that it can cause the physical damage to be done to the users abusing the drug. We all know that marijuana can prevent a lot of diseases, like cancer, lung damage, depression, and even death. However, the use of marijuana can cause the memory loss and difficulty in problem solving.

I would like to give one more reason against the legalization. If people used more marijuana, that would increase the dangers of the secondhand smoke-damage to bystanders. That means that if you are in any public place, for example, in a bar and you don’t smoke marijuana, you are very likely to meet somebody who smokes it and you will have to breathe that air.
(Messerli, Joe.“Should Marijuana be Legalized under any Circumstances?”)

Many people argue about the fact if marijuana should be legalized or not. There is no exact answer. There are a lot of people who are definitely sure that marijuana should be legalized and on the other hand their opponents argue with the possible legalization of marijuana. Marijuana is not so harmful, helps people to relax and can even be useful. That is why the legalization may seem obvious at first glance, but it is not so easy because it can cause a lot of problems and can cause danger not only to people who use it but also to people who are nearby.

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