essya on A Multidimensional View of Society

Nowadays sociology deals with decentralized society. In the course of time it became more complex and problematic to define it. According to typical structure there are four main characteristics of modern society: political, social, spiritual and economic. Each of these spheres regulates relations between different social groups and communities. People tend to think that modern society has two fundamental values: power and money. In this way only rich people are full-fledged members of society. People use money to gain power and vice versa. Such world is too tight for normal people. There's no place for love and family, professional and personal dignity. Businessmen try to establish harmony among themselves in their own plain world. All other people remain outsiders. Their activity is suppressed, corrupted and has no perspectives. What is more, most people can't find way out of these limitations. People tend to consider it normal feature of any society. Because of one-sided view on society, people face so many difficulties. Spiritual crisis of society is caused by the very collapse of multidimensional life, which began to develop recently. But it always turns to one sphere: money. This collapse is often disregarded because people can't understand the complex nature of modern society.
       Each person possesses a system of fundamental values. Money and power are the most simple ones, and in this way quite common. But it's hard to find a person who would change love and harmony for wealth. In recent decades millions of people experienced personal tragedy, being forced to immigrate to other countries in search of better life. And in spite of person's multidiversity, no one can embrace all the variety of necessary activities and appropriate values. That's why modern society is a system of different social groups with own values, roles and knowledge. Officers, sportsmen, scientists, doctors, artists, politicians have different outlook. Some people manage to combine features suitable for different social statuses. But the vast majority still turns out to be one-sided. People should equally possess numerous characteristic features in order to create an efficient society.
       A multidimensional view of society means compromise between individual and social needs and desires. In such a society people would be able to choose one or another social group according to their abilities and up-bringing. Although each group has its own laws, in a free society people have wide choice of life way, which gives an opportunity to find harmony in human values.
       In comparison with modern society, ancient one was more stable and didn't change so fast. Ancient person inherited social role and all human values related to it. Despite the fact that most groups are socially important, their principles can't be combined in one personality. It doesn't mean that one can't radically change activity. I just want to say that in the first place it is important to change the system of values in order to succeed. It shows contradictions between social groups. Human history numbers many desperate attempts to achieve equal, right and harmonic system of values for everybody. It is not right to accept only one system of values, because it would inevitably lead to destruction. For example, a complete victory of businessmen would mean complete concentration of property in their sphere. It would lead to destruction of working class, consumers and the whole country.
       Balance between social groups defines great variety of ideas and activities. In one-dimensional society people are distinguished by lower and higher strata. Some of them have more opportunities to promote, others are suppressed. Such society doesn't let people find decent place for themselves. It inevitably leads to degradation. Totalitarianism for example is a nice example of one-sided society. Only technological and scientific development managed to overcome it and modify society in order to develop all dimensions of human activity. That's why I consider it so important to seek a multidimensional view on society.

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