Term paper on Advanced Web Design

I am going to link my web log to my FaceBook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts. Using social networks can help to promote the web log and to share information with a larger number of users. At the moment, social networks is are a very efficient way to share information and to receive feedback. The latter is particularly important for me because I have to know what people think of my blog and my articles. In such a way, I can analyze responses of users and to introduce changes in my blog, if necessary.

Moreover, I can use social networks to discuss issues that I raise in my blog and which some users may disagree upon. In the course of disputes, we can find new solutions, generate new ideas and such debates just give me food for thought. In such a way, I expand my eyesight and learn a lot of new things about online marketing and business at large.

Similar existing projects or examples that have inspired my work

In actuality, it is possible to find plenty of blogs dedicated to online marketing. However, as I searched internet for a web log dedicated to the online marketing, I faced problems while finding a reliable blog of the high quality. As I visit different blogs, I questioned myself whether I can trust to the web log I visit. Nevertheless, I found some blogs dedicated to online marketing, which I believe to be interesting and reliable, such as Top Rank Blog (http://www.toprankblog.com/) or Hub Spot (http://blog.hubspot.com/). These web logs provide noteworthy information on online marketing, provide recommendations and materials on online marketing. The analysis of these web logs helped me to develop my own web log dedicated to online marketing.

Description of the tools to be utilised including specific sites, APIs or other tools

In the course of my work on the project, I used news media such as CNN News, Business Week, Wall Street Journal and others. These media were essential for me to obtain up-to-date information on online marketing and to obtain relevant information that I could use in my web log. In fact, news media helped me to create the informative content of my web log and important facts that I have drawn in my articles published in my web log are not taken from unknown or unreliable resources but they all come from news media and other reliable resources, which can be checked any time and which provide accurate information.

In addition, I used social networks, such as Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn and others. The use of social media helped me to create and to promote my website since I could communicate to different users, who have already got the experience of creating their web logs and who shared their experience of using efficient tools to create and to promote their web logs. In addition, I could and did find a lot of people concerned with the same issues as I was and I could discuss them using social networks.

Planning techniques

During the planning process I used the Gantt Chart to schedule the project. The plan included the following stages:

Defining the goal of the project

Planning the project

Developing possible alternative solutions to the project

Implementation of the project

Assessment and evaluation of the project

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