Custom term paper on Animal Rights vs. Humans Playing God

Animals are used for scientific researches, especially for the research of effects on medicaments on living beings. In fact, existing requirements concerning the introduction of drugs make animal testing an integral part of the introduction of any medicine. Hence, pharmaceutical companies use animals to test their products. However, testing new medicines may be extremely dangerous for the life of animals and for their health as well. Often, they fail to survive testing. In addition, animals are used in other fields of researches. For instance, they are used in the cosmetic industry, when makeup products are tested using animals. Such tests are apparently harmful for animals but many scientists insist that such tests are essential for the safe use of different products. As a result, animals turn out to be victims of human safety concerns. Obviously, such a situation is absolutely unfair in relation to animals because they cannot protect themselves, while humans use their power to use animals as mere material for testing and scientific studies. Moreover, many animals are killed even without any specific scientific purpose. For instance, vet training still involves the use of animals, when animals are not only researched but also murdered to help future vets to learn their structure and responses to different manipulations and surgery. As a result, animals die because of human needs, while needs of animals are not taken into consideration at all.

Furthermore, many animals are used for clothing. For instance, furs of some animals, such as foxes, are used for clothing. Even though the contemporary fashion industry tends to decrease the share of products that contain parts of animals, clothing made of natural materials, i.e. made of animals, is still very popular. Moreover, many designers as well as consumers believe that clothing made of natural materials is of the superior quality compared to clothing made of artificial materials. However, they still ignore the fact that they can use other materials but not animals in designing and manufacturing clothing. For instance, today, the quality of leather-substituting materials is very high. However, many consumers still prefer natural leather of different animals to artificial ones. Many women still prefer natural fur to the artificial one. At this point, it is important to place emphasis on the fact that the rarer the fur of animal is the more precious it becomes for designers and customers. As a result, many animals are slaughtered to supply materials for the clothing industry.

However, people choose natural materials not because of their bloodthirstiness but they often do it unconsciously being unaware of the fact that many animals have suffered and died to provide customers with clothing they like. The same may be said about the food industry. The problem is that people are accustomed to perceive food as food and clothing as clothing. They do not look beyond their plate or coat. They do not understand that what they eat and what they wear may cause suffering and death for many animals.

On the other hand, people cannot replace immediately their clothing and manufacture by animal-friend one. The same may be said about the food industry. The transformation needs time and efforts to make the food and apparel industry free of using animals. However, the first step should be done by each individual customer because it is the personal choice of each customer that defines the development of the industry. What is meant here is the fact that each customer should come prepared to become a vegetarian, if he/she wants to make the food industry free of using animals. Without such choices, the society can hardly count on positive changes.

In addition, legislative changes are needed to protect animals rights but such changes are even more difficult to implement that to change food or clothing habits of individuals. Politicians attempt to meet needs of the population to gain the public support and to stay in power. Naturally, they will hardly initiate any animal rights act as long as the overwhelming majority of the society stands for consuming animals for food, clothing and other ways.

Thus, the protection of animal rights is still one of the major problems of the contemporary society because people are still unaware of their impact on the animal world. People are often careless in relation to animals because they consume products which they get used to without taking into consideration that their consumerist habits may cause harm to many animals. As a result, the slaughter of animals carries on and changes are still difficult to implement because people are not willing to change their food habits, clothing habits and the lifestyle at large to help and to protect animals.


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