Term paper on What is the role of marketing in a consumer society?

Nowadays, without the clear tactics of product promotion (advertising, trade shows, direct marketing, etc.) the company is not able to survive. Moreover, today the world population is constantly growing, and as a result there is a tendency for increasing number of both sellers and buyers, producers and consumers for whom it is extremely difficult to find each other. With the aim to solve this problem the company needs to have a clear tactics of promotion. In its marketing activity, Adidas uses artificially-technical approach to market research, according to which, the market is an object, created and constantly being created by a man, under influence of his goals and principles. Moreover, according to this approach, the market has to be properly built and then use what is built. That is why Adidas is actively involved in establishing needs and creates exactly those, which can and intends to meet.

I presume that the Marketing department plays a key role in developing a coherent strategy in Adidas. Business strategy of Adidas is repelled from a particular market, based on the experience of those, who know it – to the Marketing department, because it has a better understanding of the needs of customers, competitors and intermediaries of the company. As a matter of fact, the concept of marketing includes not a single, but four “P” – product, price, place and promotion.

In Adidas, at a stage production of the commodity play the leading role has the results of marketing research and marketing campaigns, how to study and form the market requirements. Thus, the process of making decisions about the quality of products (including principally new products) and the amount thereof, there is the need to expand the production of a key decision, which is taken on the basis of the Marketing department research. Also, marketing is at the forefront at the stage of sales. It stands for drawing attention to new products and the development of an effective sales model, and also for planning the expansion of distribution channels.

Moreover, during the assessment phase of economic activity and enterprise development programs as a necessary part of the operation, the marketing department along with the finance department is developing a plan of development of certain areas in the company. Marketing department in Adidas also produces cost-benefit analysis of the organization, explores ways to maximize profit, and develops solutions for acquisitions of competitors not only on the basis of financial indicators, but also on the research results and forecasts of the marketing department, according to Steven Chen (2011).

The distinguishing feature of Adidas in marketing sphere lies in the fact, that although the marketing department is engaged in developing and promoting the brand, every department, every employee of the company influences the image of the brand. Adidas’s advertising, packaging product, corporate business cards ”“ all these are reflected to company’s image, reputation, and the most valuable assets ”“ brand of the Adidas AG. That is why a strong and successful brand requires from every member of a company a strong belief that the products of the company have superior quality and are the best on the market. Consequently, cleverly designed and consistently implemented in the minds of consumers a positive image, is based on the quality products and service level allows the company to take a leading position in the market.

Moreover, I would like to mention that Marketing department of Adidas is engaged in politics and branding within the company, among its employees. As a fact, such propaganda of the brand and the development of corporate standards along with the development and understanding of staff’s own values and investment within the firm is a key of the brand’s successful policy. In addition, there is a system, which encourages employees to understand and respect the success of the company with their personal successes and achievements. Ultimately, the Marketing departments of Adidas in different countries face the same purpose. Namely: business development of “Adidas ”“Salomon”; increase in profits from the sale of manufactured goods and ideas; increased percentage of the company’s share in the market; strengthen the image of a product / brand of the company. The Marketing department in Adidas has six functional units; each unit has its own leader, who in turn subordinates to the manager of the Marketing department. Also, the overall structure of each of the conditional regions has its own marketing department. This scheme is due to the fact that the Adidas is large enough and brought in a large number of regions and these regions should take into account the personal characteristics of the market and the consumer. However, besides the advantages, this scheme has unconditional disadvantages; one of the most significant is the duplication of functions, and as a consequence, the increase in overall costs. In addition, functions such as marketing development of video content for television advertising, policy development brand, positioning products in the market is only the European department, of course not without the participation of the regional divisions. This structure allows single carry information about the brand, products and companies in all regions, according to Barbara Smit (2008).

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