Written report on MyTour company

The target audience The target audience consists of customers interested in travel and willing to share their experience of travelling. The target customer group is of different age but mainly after 30s since this customer group can afford travelling worldwide. The demographics of the target customer group is diverse since people from all over the world may be interested in services of MyTour company. The company will offer travel services to any of 500 destination cities worldwide. Hence, customers from any country may order the travel to a city offered by the company. The company will also focus on travelers, who are eager to share information on their travels since the company may serve as a mediator with the help of which travelers can share their impressions and experience with the large audience. The type of aesthetics The dominant colors will be green, white and blue to symbolize different aspects associated with travel, for instance, the green will symbolize the nature, the blue – ocean or sea, and white is the color of the world. The website will contain diverse images of 500 destination cities and travel guide for users. The home page will have the logo of the company a walking man with a sack on his back stepping forward boldly. In such a way, the logo will inspire travelers and uncover the essence of the company. The visualization should be abundant to make the website eye-catching and to attract users. The visualization will help users to navigate the website and to find the information they need. The website will offer options to choose different languages, including the most widely-spread ones, such as English, Spanish, Chinese, French, German, and others. The use of multiple language will attract consumers from all over the world and facilitate their use of the website. Scheme and structure The scheme and structure of the website should be user friendly. The website will have the main page from which users can access all the key information and all the categories they may be interested in. First, the main page will provide the access to the information about the company. Choosing this category, users will be able to see the detailed information on the company history, its goals, mission and services. The users should also have access to the contact information to communicate with representatives of the company, if they like. The main page will offer key services of the company and users should have access to each service and each category. The main page will also provide access to key destinations offered by the company and the category, where users can share their travel experience. Press release MyTour is the fast growing company operating in the travel industry. The company has extensive experience of operations in 500 cities of the world. The company offers 500 destination cities which customers can attend. Moreover, the company’s primary concern is the customer satisfaction. This is why the company offers its customers a special travel program which customers choose themselves. The company just offers customers possible options and customers decide which ones they like to choose. In such a way, the company allows the full customization of the travel process. Hence, customers will fully enjoy using services of MyTour since the company makes travel really customized to customers’ needs and wants. Moreover, the company is not a mere travel agency. Instead, MyTour offers users the excellent opportunity to share their experience with millions of users, who can access the company’s website. All they need to do is just to register and to share their travel experience, while other users can read the information provided by travelers. MyTour encourages information sharing since the more customers share their travel experience the better the services of the company become because MyTour can understand better needs of customers, when the company receives feedback from its customers as well as other travelers, who share interesting and noteworthy information about their travel experience. Search Engine Optimization strategy Mind-map of words related to MyTour: my travel, my travel guide, my destination, my destination city, my vacation, my trip, my journey, my holiday, my tour, my tour guide. Using Google to search key terms to assess the relevance of key words (See App.) my travel, my travel guide, my destination, my destination city, my vacation, my trip, my journey, my holiday, my tour, my tour guide, my weekend, destinations, best cities of the world, most wanted cities, most wanted destinations, best travel offers. Information flows in the industry Twitter hash tags: travel, tour, vacation, trip, destination. Facebook groups: travel group, hotels group, restaurant group. LinkedIn groups: hotel and leisure industry group, travel group Key influencers: large travel companies, travelers, celebrities and their travel reports, recommendations of leading entertainment and travel companies, bloggers.

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