Decision in Paradise essay

The process of decision-making should be grounded on the critical analysis and evaluation of the major goals the company needs to achieve and resources available to the company. At the same time, it is necessary to take into consideration local peculiarities of Kava, which can affect the process of decision-making proper as well as the company’s strategy at large because the company cannot ignore local specificities. Otherwise, it will be unable to increase its presence on Kava. On the other hand, it is important to take into consideration organizational processes, human resources and ethics.

First of all, the current situation on Kava is critical because Kava suffers from a number of problems which paralyze the normal development of the local social and economic life. The territory needs an external assistance badly. In this regard, services of the company are very useful, if not to say essential for Kava, at the moment, Kava is unable to cope with natural disasters as well as numerous internal problems, such as epidemics, ineffective management, etc.

Consequently, the main problem of Kava is poor and ineffective management, especially the disaster management.

As a result, Kava slipped to socio-economic havoc, with scarce opportunities to find the way out without the assistance of the company.

Hence, Kava needs the company. On the other hand, the company needs Kava too because of its rich natural resources and considerable economic potential, taking into consideration the location of Kava, its natural resources and prospects of the development of the local tourist industry. This means that the company needs to use the current problems of Kava for its own benefits, but it is important to meet ethical norms in order to prevent the opposition from the part of the local population and gain the respect of the local authorities.

In such a context, it is possible to take several decision which can help the company to meet its goals and solve existing problems. In this respect, it is necessary to use the full potential and extensive experience of the company.

First of all, the company needs to use its human resources to assist Kava to overcome its current problems. What is meant here is the fact that local specialists and local authorities need good training in order to learn how to manage Kava effectively. At this point, it is necessary to pay a particular attention to the management of natural disasters as well as social policies, which could minimize negative effects of natural disasters and social problems which overwhelm Kava at the moment. In other words, the company can send its specialists to train local specialists on Kava. Secondly, the company needs to optimize organizational processes. This means that it is necessary to establish positive relationships with local authorities and shape a positive public image that can be achieved through benevolent assistance to Kava in overcoming its current problems. At the same time, the company needs to develop close contacts with local authorities to get competitive advantages to get state contracts, for instance, and get larger opportunities to develop its business on Kava. Obviously, the local authorities will be more confident in the company, which assisted them and trained them to overcome and manage their current problems. Finally, it is necessary to meet ethical norms which are taken for granted on Kava. In other words, the company should adapt its organizational culture to local peculiarities and it cannot violate local ethical norms.

On evaluating the aforementioned decisions, it should be said that the transfer of company’s specialists to Kava can be an effective promotional step, which can help the company to gain the respect of the local authorities and shape a positive of the company among the local population. The development of company’s contacts with the local authorities as well as signing local state contracts can strengthen the position of the company on the local market and put it into an advantageous position compared to its major rivals. As for ethical policies of the company, it can face certain problems because the local culture is unfamiliar for the company. Therefore, the company will need to adapt to the local culture. In this respect, the training and involvement of local specialists can minimize the risk of unethical policies of the company. Hence, ethical issues can be major fallacies of the suggested decisions.

To implement the decisions, the company will need to use its human resources, its experience and it will also need the cooperation with the local authorities that implies the development of positive public relations of the company on Kava. On the other hand, the fact that the company can benefit from its assistance to Kava and cooperation with the local authorities raises ethical issues. For instance, the employment of foreign specialists while Kava suffers from unemployment and lack of job opportunities, but this problem can be solved through the employment of local specialists and investments into the local economy. As for the company, its financial benefits are obvious since it gets the new market and loyal local authorities.

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