Description of Myself essay

I am a communicative and social person. I adore spending time with my friends or in the circle of my big family, however, sometimes I want to be alone. It does not mean that I am moody or gloomy, actually sometimes I need time to meditate, to gather all my thoughts together or just to enjoy remarkable moments of my life in silence, without any interactions. I think every person has such moments in his or her life earlier or later.

I am a hard-working, energetic and active person. I try to be tolerant and always take into account other people’s positions and opinions. I insist on my opinion only when I can factually or practically prove it. Due to these traits of character, I get on well with my mates and always have great relations with my teachers and coaches. Teachers are usually wise and experienced people and that is why their advice is of great value for me. I do not prefer open confrontation with anybody and do my best to solve problems in a peaceful way.

I participate in numerous clubs and activities. I am an active member of School Council. I am President of School Council and so have great number of responsibilities. I am Secretary of Class Council and Co-president of Future Business Leaders of America. Participation in such kind of clubs and activities helps me to gather necessary experience, develop my leadership and organizing skills, teaches me to work in a team and makes me more tolerant and flexible in communication with other people. At the same time I am Coginchaug Action Team Researcher and member of Christian Youth Organization. I participated in a number of leadership conferences, in 2006 I took part in YMCA Summer leadership program. I am Co-president of Future Business Leaders of America.

I am Senior Captain of the football team. Sport plays an important role in my life because it does not only allow to be in a good physical state all the time but it also is a main component of good emotional state. I have such awards as Scholar Athlete, Athlete of the Year (Cross Country), MVP (Football) and Coaches Award (Outdoor Track). I am absolutely sure that person should be active in all spheres of life.

Voluntary works plays a significant role in my life because it allows me to realize my hidden potential and help other people. I worked as Middlesex Hospital Pharmacy Technician Volunteer, Red Cross Blood Drive Volunteer, Korn Elementary Tutor, Durham Fair clean up crew and Lyman Corn Maze Guide. I was also a volunteer in AmeriCares Camp Renovation Project and Community Round Up. Voluntary works makes you more responsible and allows to see a lot of things and phenomena from a new perspective.

I am the oldest child in the family and should be the most responsible. I think that birth order also plays a great role in the formation of personality. First born children are usually leaders in their nature. They can gather people around them, however, they sometimes overestimate their possibilities, can be selfish and care more about goals than people’s feelings. I always know what to do and in what direction to move. I try to organize my time in a proper way and I am very hard-working. The process and structure of work and learning is very important for me. I am a straight thinker and do not believe in opinions based on intuition or bad logical argumentation.

I am fond of music. I have been playing the piano for nine years and the base for three years. Music is a way to show your thoughts, emotional state and feelings in a unique and exclusive way. People who are closely connected with music are usually creative and spontaneous people. I suppose I also belong to this category of people. I really enjoy playing world famous masterpieces and works of such talented artists as Mozart or Bach make you realize that music is not just sound, but feelings and emotions in the first turn. Nevertheless, most of all I like creating my own small pieces of art they may be short and imperfect but they express what I feel.

I think that my attitude to other people has been formed in the family. It is an institution of family that forms our personalities. I have a very big family: a mother, a father, two sisters and two brothers. My two sisters were adopted through the foster care. Our parents have always taught us to take care of each other, to be tolerant and sympathizing and to be happy with what we have.

Professional career makes one of the core components of my life. Being a student of Coginchaug Regional High School I have already started gathering professional experience for my future career. I worked for New England Framing from June 2007 till August 2007 and now I am working as a Counselor for Middlefield Community Center beginning from February 2007.

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