Descriptive Essay

As a matter of fact, Red Lobster Restaurant chain is the largest seafood company in the world owned and operated by Darden Restaurants. The first Red Lobster Restaurant was opened in Lakeland in 1968. Since then on, it expanded nationwide and now it established excellent reputation throughout the United States and Canada and founded about seven hundred restaurants in these countries. For the reason of remarkable popularity, diverse innovative and delicious seafood recipes, considerate staff that will cater for all your needs, master chefs will cook from fresh high-quality ingredients, provide you with culinary excellence and offer you dishes at reasonable prices which may satisfy any sophisticated taste. Likewise, Red Lobster is considered to be one of the best and largest full-service seafood companies working in the restaurant industry, where one receives fundamental service, exceptional food and may spend a really good time.

It is beneficial that Red Lobster offers visitors the stylish atmosphere favorable not only for fruitful discussions and romantic dates in nautical surroundings of the restaurant or other meetings but also for family gathering. The interior performs the function of a pleasant welcoming background of any conversation and carried out predominantly in hues of red color. The lighting is moderated and everything is harmoniously interwoven into the maritime theme. In the course of time Red Lobster Restaurant which usually have a very convenient location for people who inhabit the areas far from the ocean, for example, has changed a lot. Not only the interior has undergone some changes but so did the menu, though the prices remain balanced and competitive. You do not need to be Croesus (allusion) to try even the most expensive dishes in the menu and executives of Red Lobster Restaurants promise that in the near future there will be no or little price increase. Therefore one will never feel fried (metaphor), when the waiter fetches the bill as the restaurant chain controls the prices and uses lowest cost structures.

Fish-shaped tables of Red Lobster restaurants were substituted with natural-looking wooden and stone décor tables which are as neat as wax (simile) and furniture is kept in style. Hamburgers disappear from menus as the restaurant chain stands up for healthy food and low-calorie recipes. Oldie music has also been replaced with modern popular music which contributes to nice pastime of the customers. Though the restaurant has a wide selection of tried and true recipes, they are always trying to cook something new applying to innovative cooking technologies and appliances. Cookers follow cooking traditions which are deeply rooted in history and tries million times (metaphor).

Generally, keeping to the best cooking traditions is not an easy thing to do, that is why the company standing for true product quality and managers and cookers professionalism and experience, has a great number of requirements to culinary, beverage, hospitality and other managers as well as restaurant’s kitchen staff. Managers undergo long-term training during which their raw talent in cooking (metaphor) is developed and perfected. Waiters are as swift as arrows (simile), for this reason customers never wait long after they order some dishes a la carte. And what is even more important for the customers the restaurant guarantees seafood lovers that any appetizer, main course dish or dessert they order will be fresh and of high quality. Since freshness has always been the main criterion consumers apply to judging about a seafood restaurant, it should be emphasized that fish brought to the restaurant chain daily is as fresh as a bean (simile) and never frozen. Therefore, it preserves its best gustatory qualities. Having mottos “Come see what is fresh today” and “For the seafood lover in you”, Red Lobster Restaurant is an excellent place to celebrate some remarkable event and order some sweet succulent Maine lobsters or any other specialities or signature dishes such as Lobster Bisque, Rock Island Stuffed Tilapia, Harborside Lobster and shrimp, Classic lobster and Snow crab, etc. The restaurant offers excellent lunches and dinners even for seafood gourmets. The restaurant brings (personification) you to a maritime island and awakes (personification) a true seafood gourmet in you, as it offers you a wide range of appetizers, roasted mussels, Bruschetta, fish Ceviche, Stone crab cakes, etc. You may also choose any of the salads a la carte such as House salad, Classic Caesar salad, etc. Visitors are also provided with soups and entrees, meats and poultry, let alone various pastas and sauces served with dishes according to the visitors’ tastes. Red Lobster seafood style is unequalled and it is reasonable to appreciate it for freshly prepared dishes in a number of different ways. Thought the choice is as plentiful as blackberries (simile), among the ocean of dishes (metaphor), a wide selection of fish, shrimp, scampi, pasta dishes, etc. which Red Lobster Restaurant offers, I prefer lobster, its speciality, and juicy steaks. It is quite justifiable as lobster has always been favorite seafood with most people who appreciate maritime dishes. I strongly recommend you to visit this wonderful place and enjoy the extra-class casual dinning industry advantages.

All in all, with all its peculiar features, good bargain coupons and discounts for the Fresh Catch Club members the restaurant allows all seafood lovers to enjoy delightful shrimp, scallop and other dishes and get a little more splendidly cooked food for less. Red Lobster Restaurant chain is extending to Japan where the seafood style is becoming a true hit which one more time proves its uniqueness and excellent gustatory qualities.

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