Dialects in DC American University Essay

Nowadays, there are many dialects and changes in speaking among people who travel a lot or study abroad. For example, students who come to American University use a kind of a Washington D. C. dialect. It is also called a Washington D. C. Metropolitan area accent. As a fact, students get a relatively neutral accent from the students at the University and professors, as described in Washington District of Columbia. After the interviews and the online surveys were held, there appeared information considering the dialect in the Washington D. C. The pronunciation of some words differs and the majority of people that are in D.C. are African-American, as stated in Washington D.C. As a fact, the D.C. does not have the particular accent. In general, speaking with a dialect and accent is a distinctive feature, and some people prefer to erase it and to create the pure English accent wherever they are.

As a fact, the dialect and accent are the skills that can be obtained voluntarily. Some people prefer to talk as they used to, but some people find it more interesting and useful to get a new accent that can be clearer and more beautiful. People have different preferences, and especially students. Some students are interested in improving their English and consequently they try to learn it better and they study from their peers who speak this language in the Washington D.C. manner. Although there are many international students that have accents from their countries and this way they can create another accent of the language, which will be used by the majority of students locally.

2. Conclusion

As a fact, people do not adjust their way of speaking at American University. Students are proud of their hometown and they have their own manner of speaking, accent and certain patriotism in this sphere.

It can be stated that there us a Washington D. C. dialect, and it is very inclusive, As well, it depends on who you are around with the most. This fact determines the way the person is speaking and gets the habits. As well, the diversity makes it hard for a Washington D. C. dialect to form, because there are too many international students who have their accents and their way of speaking the language, as stated in Washington. However, ebonics and AAVE seem to be common.

Considering the suggestions for future research, there need to be held new research analyzing the ways of communication, the peculiarities, and the people who come from abroad. Also, the nationalities of students who come from abroad can be indentified to help provide the research that will show the real situation, as described in Virginia is for lovers and Family Guy’s Cleveland. All in all, local accent and local preferences considering the language are present in each city. As well, in the cities where there are many foreigners, and in this case ”“ international students, there can be some kind of a dialect present in the Washington D.C., visible only for those who will be thoroughly looking for it, as described in Washington District of Columbia. Anyway, foreign students study English and this shows the admiration and the importance of language, no matter how many dialects and accents it has.

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