Discuss the idea and significance of religion in “The Virgin and the Gipsy” by D.H Lawrence

You will never say that Lawrence’s stories are only mundane waste of ink. Lawrence’s stories are always influence on people, they are fascinating and truthfully, sincere and touching. Each of his works shows us pure evil or eternal love: different human’s relationships that are why Lawrence’s stories are famous throughout the years.

Time changes and people change with it, but main problems and questions are still the same. It can generally be said that this great author shows many-sided people’s relations and feelings, contradictory or high-minded actions. That is why this person is known by nearly each of us. That is why his works leave some trace in our minds and hearts. Plundering on the breathtaking and shocking feelings in literature, I stumbled upon the Lawrence’s story The Virgin and the Gipsy. Making my way through long lines of bookshelves in the library this book caught my eye. I realized that his plays are definitely talented.  All points of view about his books are contradictory and varied. Nevertheless, to understand his novels and determine what place do they occur in your life, you should read them. I did. Moreover, I must admit that, they are not just another mundane waste of ink, whatever they can be said to be. They are worth of attention, as I will prove it through this paper.

Undeniably, this sharp, short, exquisite novel does not speak to each of us. Further still, someone can find it boring and annoying. According to my experience, many readers have completely missed the soul of the book, unfortunately. To be honest, after I re-read The Virgin and the Gipsy, it spoke to me the same way it did first time. Moreover, it is taut with masochistic intensity. It is believed you have to have a touch of psychological sadomasochism in you to begin appreciating this novel. Schirf (2003) argued, D.H Lawrence is a master of using symbolism. It is featured heavily in all his books. The stories dealing with social issues about life and moral unbelievers contain the most symbolism. The Virgin and The Gipsy,’ is a prime example because it contains an enormous amount of symbolism (The Virgin and the Gipsy by D. H. Lawrence, Recommended). As far as I am concerned, even in the title there are primary presuppositions to be symbolic. The author used the, not a before virgin and gypsy as well. It obviously gives the impression that the two are attracted to each other, maybe suggesting that opposites attract. Consequently, the anonymity of the word The conveys the feeling that the novel is, however, not about any particular two people, but it is definitely about general archetypes of humans.

Eventually, it reflects the entire group, not being limited by two persons. To be honest, Lawrence could choose another title, which would be hinting at the idea of Christian morality versus Paganism. It conveys the feeling of contrast and slight conflict. Let me talk about this work of Lawrence in detail.

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