Diverse Society essay

Nowadays the society is extremely diverse and different. People from all over the world travel more often and there is a multicultural society these days. Today there are many ways to encourage children to be more accepting of people of other races and cultures. It should be done and it should be obligatory in order to provide peace and understanding of life and diversity. Children have to accept people of other races and cultures, because there are many immigrants in all countries of the world, and all people are different and have to be respected.

Adults and teachers can teach children good manners, explain to them the most important issues, including contradictive. All the lessons will be useful for children and they will know how to respect others, how to communicate correctly and to live in peace with other people. There are many differences that can be perceived in a wrong way, and that is why the society has to understand and to find out how to correct this. Living in harmony and balance will benefit the society, and adults have to do everything possible to explain children the most important issues.

Another issue that is considered very contradictive in the society- homosexuality. I think that children have to accept homosexuality the way it is, not judging people and choosing their own perception of this issue in the future. The most important is to ensure the normal relationships among all people, accept them the way they are and leave their private life to them. All in all, teaching children to be more accepting of people of other races and cultures is essential and beneficial for the society.

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