Diversity Essay

As a matter of fact, diversity surrounds us everywhere. Though I may differently interpret the diversity we encounter, it is generally formulated as a dimension applied to for groups and people differentiation. The concept has evolved greatly in the course of history and today we have come to know that it is not only about differences but it also means focusing on things we have in common, build bridges which may connect us no matter how much we all differ from each other. The concept of diversity penetrated all the spheres of life as it is used in politics, business, culture study, ethnology, jurisdiction, ecology, dancing, to mention just a few.

Diversity surrounds me all the time, as I daily meet people from different backgrounds and perspectives. I feel that the world is filled with numerous diversity manifestations, diversity of opinions, cultures, experiences, religion, etc. Promoting diversity importance is a challenge for a contemporary society. Therefore, no wonder that educational institutions foster greater diversity and insist on the fact that every human should celebrate, learn and benefit from it. I support the idea that the diversity is natural and harmonious, it is compared with music where notes merge in order to make a perfect tune or compared with a solid building made up of numerous stones which becomes vulnerable if only one stone is out. The society forms my concept of diversity which is being altered even at the moment, as I participate in various cultural events, and find understanding of foreign cultures necessary for shaping my own thoughts more clearly. Moreover, I notice that recruitment corporations use a definite policy that encourages diverse staff hiring. Much is written on diversity in “Diversity Digest” and in Peter Wood’s book which deals with its evolution.

I believe that recognizing and celebrating diversity helps us to move on, unity in diversity is claimed to be the highest possible achievement of the human race and seems to be a powerful tool which assists the humans who are generally resistant to changes, become more tolerant to others, consider multiculturalism and feel a part of the global community.

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