Dream Interpretation Essay

People spend one third of their life sleeping. For many people this time is useless and they use it only to rest and renew forces. These people do not know about important information they can get from dreams. Many prominent psychologists state that dreams can give important keys to the understanding of human personality. Moreover, some specialists state that dreams can be used in order to change and correct some psychological patterns. Dreams deal with our subconscious which makes great part of human psychics. Subconscious is a part of our psychics which determines a lot of our thoughts and actions. Since subconscious part is bigger even comparing to conscious one it is naturally determines our life to great extent. Dreams are connected with subconscious part and can present ways to reach it. Dreams can be interpreted on several levels. Some specialists state that most of the dreams reflect the events of the day (Lahey, 172). Other group of specialist believes that in dreams events of the day are interpreted in the dreams is such a way that person gets important information about their inner side. I tried to interpret my dreams using different methods. In my dreams I walked in the forest when suddenly there started a big thunderstorm. I climbed a tall tree in order to escape the flood. I saw many lightning around me. There was a big flood of water above by I felt safe and comfortable on the tree. Vocabulary of dreams states that nature and weather reflect our emotional state. In this way thunderstorm can be interpreted like very strong emotions which overwhelm me. Tree in the dream symbolizes deeply rooted ideas and thoughts, which make the core of person’s personality. In addition, lower part of the landscape in dreams can be interpreted as past of subconscious, while upper part is responsible for the future. If to combine all these symbols together we get a picture where a flood of water is connected with the past. This flood is provoked by some strong emotions I experience in the present moment. I find escape from this strong and overwhelming emotions and negative experience of the past in my deeply rooted ideas and beliefs, which are symbolized by the tree I use as a shelter. This means that deeply inside my subconscious I have a set of beliefs which can help me to overcome any events which are scarring and frightening for me.

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