Dualistic Vision and Spirituality Essay

Dualism, or division to opposing notions, is a peculiar characteristic of human thinking. We can perceive things and realize their value only if we compare these things to something else.  As soon as we start comparing we loose the very essence of the thing or event we try to perceive. Our vision is not pure. We try to compare everything we see or hear to our past experience. All these attempts make constant work of our brain and many religions call this process the noise of the consciousness. This noise prevents us from experiencing true reality as it is. As states Lao Tzu, a famous ancient Chinese philosopher in his Tao Te Tsin “Under heaven all may see beauty as beauty only because there is ugliness. All may know good as good only because there is evil” (Lao Tzu). Unfortunately this dualism which a characteristics of our world becomes the source of problems and sufferings. Only those who can overcome this dualism will be able to perceive true reality not spoilt by our rational praises. According to many religions this experiencing of pure reality becomes the source of greatest joy and must be the goal of all living creatures. Dualistic vision causes much problem to people. Even those who call themselves spiritual people can not overcome this complexity of our world. Adherents of different religions oppose their beliefs to those of others. They evaluate their religion and their beliefs by comparing it to other religions. This way these attempts to prove righteousness of one religion for the sake of another once again become a trap of the mind, which places us in the world of dualism.

Dualism prevents us from experiencing a pure reality and thus becomes and obstacle on the spiritual path. Knowing about this problem can help spiritual seekers to be aware of the possible problems and can give them ways to avoid it.

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