Educational and Health problems

Educational and Health problems are one of the most burning in contemporary America. It is well known fact that American Health care system is one of the most expensive in the whole world, but economists and scientific researches hesitate in its efficiency. The same situation happened to the American educational system. It is also quiet an expensive thing but the result is unsatisfactory, statistics gives bad prognosis for its efficiency too. What are the reasons for such a phenomenon? In the whole world their exist lots of countries that do not make such a great inputs in their healthcare and educational systems but statistical data shows that they are more efficient than US. The question is not an easy one and quiet a complicated one, but let’s try to find the reasons for this and many other questions as the situation between education and health care systems seems to be alike.

Disturbing signals have appeared earlier yet in the 90-s of the 20th century. And the subject connected on the educational problem is studied deeply. Different commissions were formed and we can learn about the results of their work: “The National Education Commission on Time and Learning found that most American students spend less than half their day actually studying academic subjects. The commission’s two-year study found that American students spent only about 41 percent of the school day on basic academics. Their schedules jammed with course work in self-esteem, personal safety, AIDS education, family life, consumer training, driver’s ed, holistic health, and gym, the typical American high school student spends only 1,460 hours on subjects like math, science, and history during their four years in high schools. Meanwhile, their counterparts in Japan will spend 3,170 hours on basic subjects, students in France will spend 3,280 on academics, while students in Germany will spend 3,528 hours studying such subjects – nearly three times the hours devoted in American schools” (Sykes, 1999). It is not a surprising result ”“ motivation has always been serious reason for educational system. Despite the new methodic of education young Americans stay indifferent to their future, they do not find it useful and do not find the place for education in their life.

The healthcare system is also in the poor state: “Medical debts are a confirmed factor in the economic hardship of the nation, the panelists said. Jacoby said she helped perform another study that showed 67 percent of people reporting $10,000 of debt or more who had declared bankruptcy attributed this to medical bills and expenses.  Panelists also said people should not cover medical expenses with loans, but more importantly, the banks should not grant these loans. “People are getting loans they should not have received,” Robertson said. People usually have little choice but to take out loans if they are not covered by insurance, Jacoby said. The panelists said much of the blame falls on the government and the health care system itself. The U.S. health care system is the world’s most expensive, with spending projected to rise from $2.6 trillion this year to $5.2 trillion in 2020, using 21 percent of the gross domestic product, according to the Commonwealth Fund website. “Either the people will go bankrupt or the country will go bankrupt,” he said” (Odell, 2009). The headlines of many newspapers and magazines writing about the situation with Health Care system mostly pay attention of the government t to the inefficiency of existing system.  Doug Odell in his resent report shows that the situation becomes worse with every passing year and soon become critical. The Medical care is so expensive and the majority could not let to buy medical insurance themselves. It has become typical situation that medical insurance is provided by employer. But it also an interesting fact, that those who can provide it for themselves do not usually do it, using such services as Medicaid. It essential, as noone would like to spend extra money, especially, if it is possible to get free healthcare.

The situation with education is unpleasant too the percent of those who have not finished school is very high. In High School children choose the subject themselves ”“ it is great as it goes about personal thinking and taking personal decisions, but finally it turns out that they do not like the course and they prefer end the school, when there are so many perspectives for future. The efficiency of education does not include abilities to write, read and calculate.

The likeness of these systems is in that both are closely connected with everyday life of Americans. They are an essential part in lives of millions of people as almost every American studied or studies at school, children are also going to school and what we got to do to make them enjoy school and motivate for further education. If we speak about private schools, we should take into account huge expenses it will need.

The same situation with health care system as we speak about health and sometimes lives of our beloved people, we want to be sure that they will be alright and get appropriate care. But what we have to do if according to the statistics the prices on medical insurance grow faster than the wages? Huge number of people would not be able to provide medical care if the employers did not participate in the programs with insurance companies.

It will be very difficult to discuss the question about health care and educational systems as experts themselves are often puzzled. It will be very hard to take any solution as it will strongly deal with the lives of millions of people. Actually the democratization   in educational system is very interesting. But it is very difficult to choose a certain course (will it be necessary, in future or not) for a teenager who does not have certain experience. The problem of choice should be easier as further disappointment and concentration on other ”˜more important things’, they should be probably directed in some way. As for the health care the situation is more difficult as the major part of Americans feel satisfied when it comes to quality of healthcare, the statistics shows another results death rate is rapidly growing. I think that the most important thing according to the health care system is availability. It should be available for all Americans, of any age, gender, race and social and material status. I understand that it will not be an easy task, but still it is very important in contemporary situation.

I think the reform is needed for every of these systems. Contemporary society needs significant changed. The system working efficiently 30 years ago may not work in today’s world. It is essential situation of the development.  That is why it is essential that some significant changes should be undertaken. The development of contemporary society produces other demands that were acute 30 years ago. Now the situation changed and the whole nation needs them. I think that additional challenges will be future generations. The life and the education of our children and the children of our children are very important. The percent of those who left school before getting appropriate education should decrease and the adequate and available health care should exist. It touches not only our society but also our future, if we want to grow up prosperous nation.

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