Electricity waste essay

The University can use solar and wind power to generate the electricity within the campus. In fact, the solar and wind power generated electricity may not fully cover needs of the campus but this electricity can replace a large part of the electricity consumed by the University. In such a way, the electricity will be generated from renewable sources of power that also leads to the reduction of the electricity waste. The introduction of alternative sources of energy and the use of renewable sources of energy can decrease substantially the electricity waste and increase the effectiveness of its using. In addition, the introduction of alternative sources of energy in campus can stimulate the creativity and research activities of students that is beneficial for their professional development.

Finally, the University can encourage the decrease of the electricity waste and electricity consumption through offering students the reduction of tuition, in case of the substantial reduction of electricity use. In such a way, the University will decrease tuition costs for students, who are responsible in regard to the electricity consumption. At the same time, the University can use costs saved on the decrease of the electricity waste to decrease costs of tuition.

Thus, taking into account all above mentioned, it is important to place emphasis on the fact that the electricity waste in campus is a serious problem that affects not only the University but also students and local community. The electricity waste increases the University spending, tuition costs, and deteriorates environmental situation in the local community. Therefore, the University should introduce new, energy efficient technologies and equipment that allow saving costs of electricity in campus due to the reduction of the electricity consumption. In addition, students should act responsibly and save electricity. The University should help students to learn effective techniques to minimize the electricity waste. The reconstruction of the campus facilities involving the use of energy efficient materials can decrease electricity waste even more. Finally, the University can provide financial subsidies to students, who save electricity consumption substantially.


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