Entering the Thai Market

Entering the Thai market is a challenging but prospective goal for the Swiss company operating in the chocolate industry. In actuality, the company may consider the possibility of entering the Thai market to expand its market internationally and to enhance its position in the international market as the leader in the industry. At the same time, the company should come prepared to a relatively unfavorable situation for entering the Thai market because of the global financial crisis and recent unrest in Thailand. Nevertheless, today, the company has extensive experience and sufficient financial, technological, and human resources to enter the Thai market successfully. In this regard, the company should develop its own network and build up the production facility in Thailand along with the development of close relationships with local suppliers, community and authorities. In addition, the company may consider a strategic alliance with a local company that holds a strong position in the chocolate industry of the country. Also the company may use Thailand to enter adjacent markets, such as the market of Vietnam, for instance. In such a way, the company can succeed and enter the Thai market successfully that may allow the company to enhance its position in the global market and become one of the leaders in the chocolate industry.

In actuality, the Swiss company holds a strong position in the chocolate industry of Switzerland but the company attempts to expand its markets internationally to gain a better competitive position and to take the lead in the global chocolate industry. The company has substantial financial and technological resources along with human resources to implement this plan but the company needs to enhance its position in international markets. To meet this goal, the company considers entering markets of developing countries, where it can launch the production of chocolate products and supply ingredients essential for the production of chocolate internationally to all its subsidiaries and units. The company has already developed its international network but, at the moment, the company needs to expand its presence in the Asia-Pacific region, which is strategically important for the company, because it can take the lead in the regional market and increase its international market share consistently. Today, the company is experienced in the production of chocolate products and has a renowned brand (Laothamatas, 1992). In such a situation, the international market expansion and entering the Thai market may be beneficial for the company but the company needs to develop networks and facilitates in Thailand as well as to develop positive relationships with local suppliers and adapt to the local culture to conduct its business in Thailand successfully.

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