Environmental essay

Historically, the society developed through conflicts and struggle between different interest groups. The contemporary society is still vulnerable to conflicts and contradictions because of the domination of individual, private interests, which often neglect social ones. At the same time, today, the ignorance of public interests raises the problem of the further development and survival of the contemporary civilization because the society cannot keep progressing, if people have a destructive impact on their environment. In such a situation, the conflict of individual and public interests arises but the problem is that the private market philosophy dominating in the contemporary society promotes the idea of well-being of individual, regardless of interests of the society that brings positive effects for individuals in a short-run perspective, but is destructive in a long-run perspective. Therefore, the contemporary society should find the balance between private market philosophy and socially conscious philosophy, such as environmentalism, because such a balance will help the society to develop harmoniously and to stimulate the sustainable development.

The contemporary society tends to the private market philosophy. The private market philosophy is profit-driven and egoistic. In a short-run perspective, the egoistic and profit-driven, private market philosophy brings considerable benefits to individuals because such philosophy promotes the idea of individual success, focus on individual’s needs and wants. On the other hand, the private market philosophy underestimates the significance of the social needs and well-being of the entire society. In essence, the private market philosophy is egoistic since an individual and individual success are the primary concern of the private market philosophy. Therefore, the private market philosophy is oriented on the short-term success of an individual.

However, such philosophy is destructive in a long-run perspective because individuals, who are concerned with their private interests solely cannot take care of the social good and the progress of the society. Even though the strife for the personal success stimulates progress, the introduction of innovations and development of individual business, but the society benefits from such progress indirectly only because the main beneficiary is the individual, who is the primary concern of the private market philosophy.

In this regard, the socially conscious philosophy, for instance, the environmentalist philosophy is consistently different from the private market philosophy. In fact, the socially conscious philosophy is driven by altruistic concepts, such as the environmentalist philosophy, and the concern of the public good.

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