Essay on smoking

Why people start smoking and why they give it up? Every second person on the world has the experience of smoking. I have such experience, too. There is no entry level in smoking like in business: just light the cigarette and inhale smoke. Young people can not buy cigarettes, but they can easily take cigarettes from adult relatives who smoke.

Smokers can tell to those who never smoked that they react to every event by lighting a cigarette. When the person is upset or angry, smoking helps to calm down. When the smoker is happy, he or she celebrates by lighting up.

Cigarette helps to stay awake when you are tired and suppress hunger when you want to eat.

Every smoking propagator can tell you this, and this all is true. However the other side of this coin is really terrible.

Approximately two centuries ago tobacco became extremely popular. Smoking was not just a habit; it was the part of personal image. Looking the old movies you can mention that all tough guys are smoking cigars or cigarettes.

Smoking considered an inalienable attribute for strong men. Perhaps it was the influence of leading politics of the 20th century for some part: Winston Churchill smoked cigars, Joseph Stalin smoked pipe.

Adolph Hitler never smoked. They won he lost. It is worth mentioning that Nazis Germany was the first country were national tobacco ban was imposed. It is obvious that they worried about the health of the nation. But the negative image of the country probably influenced on the tobacco popularity worldwide.

At the beginning of 1970 in the USA the advertising of tobacco was banned, and it was the start of global struggle with smoking. The culmination of the story was the series of deaths in the end of 20th. One by one models and actor who advertised cigarettes died from cancer. Alan Landers, the famous Winstonman, the face of Winston tobacco brand, died from the throat cancer.He was sixty eight. Another popular tobacco model, Marlboro cowboy, Wayne McLaren, died from lung cancer, when he was just 51.  The list of celebrities whose death was the result of smoking is terribly long and includes the names of Reynolds (founder of RJ Reynolds Tobacco Co and his family), and even Walt Disney. Most of deaths from this list happened with people in the age of 50-60 years.

If all these celebrities died, and no money helped them, what I hope for?

I started asking this question to myself recently when I found I could not play soccer well. Besides, I could not work out well on the gym. It is not hard to guess the reason. I was smoking a lot that is why I could not breathe deeply, I began to cough. Perhaps I just wanted to play very much, so I started smoking less. And here is the result: now I can play soccer 90 minutes and work out on the gym. I hope one day I will give up smoking at all. All I need is to be confident, because according the words Norman Cousins, American journalist, editor and writer, since the human body tends to move in the direction of its expectations – plus or minus – it is important to know that attitudes of confidence and determination are no less a part of the treatment program than medical science and technology.

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