Essay papaer on Business in America today

Business in America today is widespread topic in different circles of our society. Many people are interested in its advantages and disadvantages, because business world has own rules and you can become the part of this world or leave it without any results. I’d like to discuss business topic in this essay and pay attention on its specific characteristics. It will be interesting to tell about college students, religion and business in America today. In my opinion these aspects are closely connected with each other because each of these aspects greatly influence on another one. I agree that it is also arguable question and it needs to be discussed in more details.

First of all I want to say that every person should choose own way in this life and it should be right career path. College students will be wonderful specialists in their chosen area but at the first place there should be a wish to achieve success and the next step will be education. You know that only if a career is chosen in a right way, college students would like it. Many business principles disagree with moral norms and religion today. We can find that people defraud each other and promise impossible things. Young people should be attentive in this situation and be sure that they trust to their business partners. We can say that religion stand apart from business world but it is a big part of our personality at the same time.  I want to say that every person, exactly young student who enters in the business world, should remember that there are concrete business rules and if somebody tries to prove that illegal actions are right you should be doubtful and believe only in own thoughts and moral aspects.

It is well-known quotation that it is better to have a lesser meal with a friend whom you love, over a well proportioned meal with a boss who hates you at a company that you look forward to promotion. I like this quotation very much because it really reflects my attitude to our life and I think that college students should remember it in use in various business situations. People should understand that at the first place in our life is not money but exactly heart should rule our actions. Business allows to earn money but we mustn’t sell own soul for money and leave our friends. As I read in one source: Stoic school of philosophy taught us to accept the events of life with tranquility and calm, and to accept even the most painful situations with resignation and to achieve a high moral standard. (Chacon-Casas, 2010)

In business, and moreover in big business, it is always happen tempting situations, that also called temptations, which are necessary to feel in a right moment, to be a sensitive person and to be maximum attentive and humane in relation to all people who are around you. Otherwise, it seems to me, that it is rather easy to step over relations but the question is found in the surface of the moral aspect of this step. We should take care of our relations and find a compromise between family and business. I want to compare business with the theatre, where actors play their specific roles and sometimes it is hard to reincarnate from one role to another. Business in America today has own specific characteristics and for some people it is a part of American dream, where people can realize their wishes and become happy in such a way. In spite of all circumstances college students should take care not only about their career but also about their thoughts.

Maybe, basic idea which would be interesting to follow for unreligious reader: business must not be torn off from religion. It will be the best question: Why? I can explain it in the next way: business must have a connection with religion because a veritable faith pierces through life of a person up to the most banal and shallow events. A truly believing man is always integral, all, that he makes; it is inferior higher principles of his faith. How is it possible at that rate to conduct business, ignoring these principles? Many businessmen incarnates biblical principles in the business expressly, consistently, no conflicting, although at times with considerable difficulties. A fee for it is very high and it is found by strengthening of faith, sense of own rightness, motions in correct direction, confirmation in the sense of life. It means that everybody aspire to these things in any case.

Based on all above stated, we could conclude that the business in America today has a dual nature. It is a way to success, from one side, and it is a way to the straight opposite direction, from another side. I think that the right direction depends on person and if you believe in good and have a kind heart you will choose the right way and achieve your aim. College students should be attentive on their career path because they will face to different hardships that should strength their faith and help to be strong in future life.

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