Essay Paper on Specific IT in Business Nowadays

Nowadays, ITs are growing to be more and more widely spread in the modern business. Basically, such a trend is determined by objective factors, which force companies to apply new technologies in their functioning in order to improve their current performance and strengthen their position compared to their major competitors. In fact, the application of the new technologies and approaches to business can provide a company with a strategic advantage compared to its competitors. At the same time, the role of customers for the modern business is of a paramount importance. This is why the development of customer relationship management is very significant for any company since it contributes to the formation of the positive customer experience, growing customer satisfaction, and, what is even more important in the modern world, customer satisfaction, which is one of the main conditions of a successful business. On the other hand, even customer relationship management cannot be effectively applied without the use of new technologies. Basically, the use of ITs in CRM is considered to be particularly perspective in the future. In this respect, it is possible to refer to the use of team selling software, such as that of Seltis, that may be extremely useful to manage vital customer data and communication.

First of all, it should be said that the growing popularity and wide spread of Seltis team selling software CRM is determined by objective factors, which actually are similar to those that define the general growth of the use of IT and new approaches to CRM. To put it more precisely, the use of Seltis team selling software contributes considerably to facilitating CRM and improvement of the use of databases and sales management. Basically, Seltis team selling software provides a company with ample opportunities to create instant and accurate sales reports and revenue forecasting across the sales cycle (Hansen 2003). Obviously, this is a very important and useful function which can increase substantially the effectiveness of the accounting and strategic planning of the company because with the help of this technology the time spent on the creation of sales reports decreases and it is possible to forecast revenues faster across the sales cycles. In such a way, this software saves times and is more accurate than conventional technologies which are less accurate than Seltis team selling software.

Furthermore, Seltis team selling software also assists considerably to the better structuring of CRM. To put it more precisely, this software helps to centralize, track, and manage critical information during all stage of the sales process, starting from lead generation to sales projects and opportunities to customer service which is beyond the sale (Hansen, 2003). In such a way, Seltis team selling software provides sales teams with excellent opportunity to manage and share easily information throughout the complex sales cycle. In the current economic situation it is particularly important because the accuracy, speed, and the possibility of permanent access to important sales data and the possibility of permanent contacts between sales team increase their cooperation contributing to the growing effectiveness of the company at large and the stable supply of valuable information concerning the company’s sales.

In addition, it also opens ample opportunities to use this information to forecast or implement certain changes to improve the company’s performance through changes in its sales policy. In this respect, it is possible to say that the software is really helpful in the implementation of changes because manager can react more adequately on the changes in sales since the system is centralized and they have access to all data concerning sales.

At the same time, the software is user friendly and may be accessed practically anywhere. This means that different sales teams which can be placed in different parts of the country can share information which is important for them without any limitations in access and the access is really fast.

Moreover, Seltis team selling software provides the possibility to store, access, and manage customer information directly on their laptops and periodically synchronize data and status with the main database (Hansen, 2003). In such a way, a company can benefit from the ample information in its customers which is available and can be managed effectively.

Thus, taking into account all above mentioned, it is possible to conclude that the use of Seltis team selling software in CRM is very effective because it increases the effectiveness of the functioning of the company and its management.

To put it more precisely, it facilitates the functioning of sales team providing access to essential information concerning sales and customers which is centralized in the main database and is accessible to sales team.

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