Ethical programming and marketing of Grand Theft Auto series

Due to many potentially negative effects of Grand Theft Auto video game series it is necessary to make certain recommendations concerning ethical programming and promotion.

First of all, video games should not promote extensive amount of violence, sex and absolute impunity for criminal activities of the game heroes because children can take this seriously and try to make the same in reality. Of course people like GTA series and that is the main reason why developers continue these series adding more violence, sex and illegality but game publishers should not promote this. “The player is rewarded with cash for various illegal and immoral actions”[1] ”“ this is a direct violence promotion and thus company shows social irresponsibility like cigarette producers do denying harmful affects of their products.

Second is that game producers should include happy end in their products but this happy end should be a fair one ”“ I mean that all criminals should be punished and imprisoned finally in order to emphasize that criminal activities are prohibited by the law and all criminals are subjects to punishment. Such step will make people think about this issue and in some way such a happy end can prevent people from making criminal activities, because children still have access to such game via internet or their elder friends. Such a decision will decrease negative social effect for sure.

“Like rock music in the 60s & 70s, the game industry is driving culture at the moment”[2] ”“ claims professor from Indiana University teaching computer game design ”“ so video game producers have to be responsible before the society and contribute to morals and ethics.

Third ”“ computer ethics implies appropriate targeted promotion programs which should target only certain categories of people. May be diversification of video games, films and TV programs should include not only age restrictions but it is possible to introduce other restrictions like: ”˜not for people with unsound mind, heart sufferers, mental diseases’ etc. These categories are generalized a lot and do not imply that children will think about such notes and restrictions but their parents will do. Thus game producers should make some effort to prevent children from playing games that cause social indignation.

Fourth ”“ game producers and distributors should guarantee that abusive games can not fall into the hands of untargeted people categories via internet (children mainly). In order to make this, companies should refuse from online sales of such games and prevent the possibility of unauthorized access to such games from the Internet because children can easily buy abusive games online using their parents’ credit cards. If game producers would not make so then the government should take serious actions and restrict online sales of video games that promote violence.

Fifth ”“ all kind of promotion available to children should not emphasize or demonstrate violence scenes. Such measures can be useful also and will demonstrate social responsibility of game producers and their will to contribute to ethical programming and promotion because the future of the world community depends a lot on such companies.

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