Ethics and Profit

Business ethics also include such concept like ethic dilemma. It should be noted that ethic dilemma – is a problem of difficult choice between this or that way of behavior. Situations and conflicts that from time to time require making a decision in real life, often raises the ethical dilemma. As a fact, the two possible solutions of the ethical dilemma may involve behavior, which is not acceptable from the standpoint of morality. Ethical conflicts may occur in following cases: there is a significant conflict between different interests; alternative solutions can be justified equally; the consequences are very important for those, who are concerned. I would like to provide two examples of business ethical dilemma, that in my opinion are of special interest. The first one: a client wishes to receive from a company any product or service, but when he heard the price, the client states that this price is unacceptable to him. An employee of firm knows that the client can get the same service at competitor’s store. Should the employee of the firm tell the customer about the competitor’s store or not? The second business ethical dilemma is following: my colleague tells me that he is going to leave the company and begin work on a new site, which is promised to him. At the same time my boss gives me to understand that he will not give me a promotion, because he is going to give it to my colleague. Should I tell my colleague about it? Without any doubts it is hard to answer these dilemmas unequivocally. In my opinion, business ethical dilemma is always a compromise with yourself. On the one hand, everybody has own interests or interests of the company. On the other hand, people should behave themselves towards others, as well as they want people to behave towards them. I think that that a person should decide for himself what is more important to him ”“ long-term image and honor or short-term benefit and on this basis make such important decisions, according to according to Jeri Calle (2008).
Another, extremely important evidence, which motivates business to follow ethical principles, is the creation of business etiquette. The most general form of the word etiquette means the foundations of the order of behavior anywhere. To paraphrase it, it can be said that business etiquette is the established order of behavior in business and business contacts sphere. As a fact, etiquette, if you understand it as an established procedure of behavior, helps to avoid slips or mitigate them with available, conventional methods. Therefore, the main function or meaning of etiquette for business person can be defined as the formation of such rules of behavior in society that contribute to understanding people in the process of business communication, but etiquette should not be the aim by itself. Moreover, one of the most important rules, which governs the sphere of etiquette ”“ is essential to do so not because it is accepted, but because it is either appropriate or convenient, or just respectful to others and ourselves. Etiquette is one of the first “tools” of image formation. Today, importance of the image of the company or separate business person is hard to overestimate and without any doubts it plays considerable role in their success. For example, in many countries it is considered that the first call to the firm by the client creates the most lasting impression on the level of its work (this pattern is seen everywhere and not only in telephone conversations). Wherever there is etiquette ”“ as a rule there is higher productivity, bigger profit, market share and better the results of business activity. Therefore, businessmen should always remember one of the main tenets, which is known all around the world: “good manners are profitable”, according to William H. Shaw, Vincent Barry (2006).
Describing the reasons why business applies ethical standards, it can be said that due to further globalization process, nowadays, the reputation and image of the enterprise play considerable role in business process. It can be said that business ethics has become the norm of economic activity worldwide. As a fact, business ethics creates a nice psychological climate and is conducive for business contacts, which is extremely important. In my opinion, business ethics ”“ is an important aspect of morality of entrepreneur’s behavior. As a rule, in business practice there is always some common situations that can not be avoided. For these situations are worked out the forms and rules of behavior. I think that business ethics – is a code of behavior, which forms the external side of the business communication.

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