Euthanasia right or wrong?

In the current essay I would like to analyze the concept of euthanasia. Personally I am against euthanasia allowance and further I would like to provide arguments for and against this concept. To begin with, it should be noted that euthanasia and its allowance is one of the most intrigue debate question not only in our society, but in the whole world.
The word “euthanasia”ť literally means a great (easy, pleasant) death. It acquired the meaning of terminology in contemporary bioethics. In turn, bioethics is discipline, which deals with specific moral dilemmas that arise in scientific experiments and medical practices, due to the fact that new technologies radically extend the treatment of patients, allow to penetrate into the hereditary mechanisms, designed to influence the psyche (organ transplants, cloning, long-term maintenance of life in a coma, etc.). These seemed more recently the fantastic and breathtaking opportunities require revision of many traditional beliefs and norms, puts people to have to make responsible decisions about life and death, creating new ethical problems, according to David C. Thomasma (2003).
Among the problems, around which are conducted heated debates in bioethics, one of the central is the problem of euthanasia. As a fact, euthanasia concerns a special kind of cases, where death may be a blessing for the dying person, or at least would not be an absolute evil. Modern technologies allow doctors for long enough to sustain life of patients in irreversibly unconscious, vegetative state or experiencing severe, constantly growing pains because of an incurable disease. Usually unconscious and unbearable pain is brief in the scale of human life, or they quickly pass, or end with death. However, scientific and technological advancements have created opportunities to stretch these states for long periods that can last for years and decades. Consequently, doctors, scientists, society began to think, is such extent is legal.
The question of the legalization of euthanasia has been raised in the 30-ies of the XX century in the U.S. and the UK. It should be noted that inhuman experience of Nazism, which officially have adopted the idea of euthanasia, and in the appropriate program sent to the gas chambers hundreds of thousands people had a sobering effect on the supporters of euthanasia. However, since the late 80-ies, euthanasia, with certain limitations, related primarily to its active form, became legal in some countries (Netherlands, Switzerland). It is essential to note that scientific and public debates on the legality of euthanasia are continuing, including the countries where it is officially practiced. Even today this question remains open, according to What is Euthanasia? (2010).

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