Evaluate the Action Essay

In order to measure success, it is necessary to clearly define goals, but often, goals are unclear when the organizational performance keeps on deteriorating. In this respect, the current position of my team for the Orthopedic Clinic reveals numerous problems, which I have to tackle. At the same time, through definition of problems, I can define the major goals which I have to achieve and the extent to which I can reach the defined goals will define the overall success of my work as well as the organizational performance at large. First of all, the primary goal is to save costs in order to balance expenditures of the Orthopedic Clinic. Secondly, it is necessary to create a positive public image of my team in order to minimize criticism of my work as well as the work of my team in general. These are two strategic goals to achieve.

At the same time, it is obvious that it is necessary to measure my goals to clearly trace my progress and the progress of my team toward success. In this respect, it is possible to use both quantitative and qualitative tools of measurement. In regard to costs for supplies, quantitative tools will be helpful since, through the financial analysis, it is possible to define whether costs for supplies are reduced or, on the contrary, increased (Coddington, et al., 2000). The former will prove that the team is moving toward success, while the latter will mean the failure of the work of the team. As for the second goal, i.e. the creation of positive image of the team, it is possible to use qualitative methods, such as interviews and questionnaires, to measure the extent to which the public image of the team has improved. For instance, professionals working in other units or clients can define their attitude toward my team using questionnaire which contains assessment of the team that may vary from absolutely positive to positive or negative or absolutely negative. Such a combination of quantitative and qualitative tools will help to measure goals accurately and define whether the team’s performance is positive or not.

At the same time, the improvement of the employee morale is crucial. The improvement can be achieved through the reduction of supplies.

To meet this goal, each team member should make a list of supplies he or she can work without. After that the team should define the list of supplies which can be cut to save costs. In this respect, it is important to encourage employees to save costs and focus on needs of clients above all, ignoring their own needs and wants. In addition, it is possible to offer some team members vacations or reduce working hours to save costs. Furthermore, the invitation of professionals from other units and demonstration of our professional work will contribute to the formation of a positive image of our team. Moreover, it is possible to develop closer relationships with the community attracting volunteers to our work. In such a way, it will be possible to improve the quality of services and, thus, to increase patient satisfaction. The involvement of community will have a positive impact on the overall organization performance that will improve the image of our team within our organization.

Thus, through the aforementioned measures and policies, it will be possible to improve management and organizational performance.

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