Evolution and Intelligent Design

It can be said that the critics suggest that intelligent design needs the argument as it is inexplicable to explain the origin of others and really comes as just another form of fallacy within this ideology. This makes the new question posed explanation is at least as problematic as the question is answered. A number of critics also see that the assertion that the designer need not be explained as a contribution to knowledge, but rather as a mistaken or false resolution of a dispute by applying a cliché. Also, the absence of observable and measurable evidence, the essence of the question “who is the designer?” leads to an infinite regression from which intelligent design proponents can only escape with logical contradictions, using religious dogmas of faith, or responding the paradox through philosophical concepts (e.g. from the ideas of Aristotle, when he proposes the existence of a metaphysical first unmoved mover). The answer, in any case would have to look outside the field of natural science, as stated in Some Objections to Intelligent Design.
To sum it up I would like to say that intelligent design is the term used to describe the current pro-religious claims that the origin or evolution of the universe, life and man, are the result of rational actions deliberately undertaken by one or more intelligent agents. In turn, Evolution ”“ is the process of development, consisting of gradual changes, without abrupt jumps, biological evolution ”“ is and the irreversible trend of historical development of wildlife in general and human in particular, accompanied by changes of the genetic composition of populations, the formation of adaptation, speciation and extinction of species, transformation of ecosystems and the biosphere as a whole. Among the main arguments for intelligent design are: the fine-tuned universe, the irreducible complexity, the specified complexity and Wedge strategy. Although, intelligent design has a lot of supporters within the United States mainly among Christians, it should be noted that all these arguments and intelligent design as a theory are opposed by the official science and by the National Academy of Sciences of the United States classified as pseudoscience.
However, these theories have opposite views on the birth of life on our planet; there are more and more people, who support the thesis that there is no necessary contradiction between science and religious beliefs. The reason is that both try different issues that do not overlap. Many people consider that both may be supported by the scientific theory of evolution of species and believe in the existence of a creator or designer, personal and provident. In other words, the scientific concept of evolution does not deny the metaphysical and theological notion of creation from nothing, or vice versa. Unfortunately, today there is no clear evidence of this hypothesis, which can be accepted by the scientific community. Still this issue remains a debate question and every side has its argument for and against intelligence design.

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