Evolution is Compatible with Intelligent Design

In the current essay I would like to provide evidence proving the probability of both intelligent design and evolution and also consider the mechanism through which intelligent design is occurred. To begin with it should be noted that intelligent design is the term used to describe the current pro-religious claims that the origin or evolution of the universe, life and human, are the result of rational actions deliberately undertaken by one or more intelligent agents. As a fact, intelligent design supporters claim that it would be a legitimate scientific proposal capable of sustaining a methodologically rigorous research program. However, intelligent design is considered by the scientific community in the natural sciences as a pseudo theory, presented as a contemporary version of anti-evolution creationism trying to find the intellectual respectability. As a fact, evolution ”“ is the process of development, consisting of gradual changes, without abrupt jumps. Moreover, biological evolution ”“ is and the irreversible trend of historical development of wildlife in general and a human in particular, accompanied by changes of the genetic composition of populations, the formation of adaptation, speciation and extinction of species, transformation of ecosystems and the biosphere as a whole. There are several theories of evolution, which is common to claim that the living forms of life are descended from other life forms that existed previously. Evolutionary theories differ in explaining the mechanisms of evolution. At the moment, the most common and recognizable is Darwin’s evolution theory, as stated in Evolution Shares a Desk With Intelligent Design.
It can be said that the intelligent design movement appeared and developed in the United States around 1987, through a modern version of the teleological argument for the existence of God, as attempts by representatives of biblical literalism to achieve the teaching of creation story of Genesis in science classes. As a fact, the intelligent design movement also rejects the positions, represented by theistic evolution and evolutionary creationism, but believe in the existence of a creator and a purpose. Also, the intelligent design movement accepts that living beings are differentiated through a process of natural evolution without the direct intervention of God, but consider God only as a creator of the laws of nature. The public position of the Catholic Church and the majority of Catholics in respect the autonomy of science and its findings, moving the discussion on the truth of scripture and justification of beliefs has purely metaphysical plane. Still, within the Catholic Church it also has been statements that apparently favor some tenets of intelligent design, which have been supported by important Catholic figures, for example, the Archbishop of Vienna. In this regard, Pope Benedict XVI has shown that he agrees with some postulates of intelligent design movement, in the view that considering “the man and the reason” and points that an accidental product of evolution is irrational. However, it should clarified that the Pope Benedict XVI in relation to an alleged inconsistency between creation and evolution declared following: “This opposition is absurd, because on the one hand, there are much evidence in favor of evolution as a reality we see and which enriches our understanding of life and being as such. But the doctrine of evolution does not answer all the questions and especially does not answer to the main question: where does all this and how it all takes a path that finally leads to human?”, as described in Are Evolution and Intelligent Design Compatible? Thus, the position of the Catholic Church, expressed repeatedly is that creation and evolution are not mutually exclusive and opposed, leaving clear, though, that evolution does not answer all the questions of human, especially metaphysical questions.

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