To obtain a reasonable position and have rapid carrier growing that is probably the aim of every result oriented person. Everyone wants to achieve some career goals and for me it is to become chartered accountant. Chartered accountants work in the all spheres connected with business and finances, some of the have private sector and some work for government: “Almost half of CAs make their career in finance, commerce and industry – of these 15% are Finance Directors, 6% are Managing Directors and 2% are CEOs. Just over a quarter of CAs currently work in practice, offering professional services to a range of business clients. 38% of CAs that are in practice work for the Big 4 firms” (ICAS, 2008).




This paper is created to keep students informed about the situation with chartered accounting and giving the appropriate resources to keep them up to date while their education will go on. What is also very important Canada is among those countries where Chartered accounting quiet a popular profession and specialists in this industry are needed. But also it won’t be an easy way to become a good specialist and find reasonable position in the world of business and finances.

What is interesting about this job ”“ it opens behind you a wide variety of interesting careers, with great perspectives and opportunities. In fact you could join corporation of your dream, chartered accountants are these people who could easily accommodate to different facilities. So it is understandable tat a wide variety of well paid positions are waiting for you, if you are interested in business and finances spheres. And the decision is set and finally you do understand what kind of occupation you want to have.

Than it goes about you education, in the whole world there exist a number of high educational establishments in Canada and in the whole world are waiting for those who want to become chartered accountant. At least one of them is available in every Canadian province, but the most famous is without any doubts Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants it was founded in 1902 under the initiative of Canadian Government and unities other educational establishments that provide education on Chartered Accounting.

In fact Chartered accounting is considered to be the most prestigious accountancy qualification, which is available. It gives you an ability to get equipped with all the necessary skills that will open behind you great perspectives and may be even give an ability to start your own business.

What factors are necessary to become a Chartered accounting Student? There are some “a university degree with specific business course credits the professional program in your province or territory .This level of education will provide you with the sound base of knowledge you will need to develop the skills and the values necessary to demonstrate competence. You must have work experience gained in a CA Training Office under the supervision of experienced CAs.  CA Training Offices include CA Firms, leading corporations and government organizations that have recognized CA Training Programs in place. This training is essential in helping you develop the skills, the attributes and the values of a competent CA” (CICA, 2009).

It shows that to become a Chartered Account won’t be an easy thing; it will be long and had hard working process in order to achieve a desired result.

Working in practice shows that Chartered Accounting can provide wide range of different financial solutions and make necessary task in order to optimize business and give certain advice in order to improve or solve some difficult situation. Among wide range of providing service are: taxation, risk management and advising on financial structures, auditing, financial analysis, accounting giving different financial consulting and many other that will help to choose the right business solutions.

And the statistical data shows us that Chartered Accounting is relevant in the whole world. According to the Statistical data of Irish Chartered Accountant Association more than 65% of Chartered Accountants in the whole world are working in Business and Industry. The major part of high rank leaders have Chartered Accountant Education: “Many of the leading ISEQ companies have a Chartered Accountant as their Financial Director or Chief Executive and the top 10 professional accounting firms are Chartered firms. So it’s no coincidence that CAs are seen as the elite of the financial profession” (CAI, 2009).

Chartered accountants stay on the highest level of accounting hierarchy and to reach professional goal will probably take more than one year. I am confident that my professional qualities and work efficiency would stand me for a good stead and in some part is my way in order to achieve the personal professional goal.

I strongly believe that personal career is depending from personal characteristics of every person and if you have certain picture in you mind and strong wish to achieve your career goal, you can do it.

I think that business and financing is one of the most interesting fields to find yourself in the career aspect. I do understand that financial income is a reasonable thing to become Chartered Account but the same time I strongly believe that career should bring happiness and satisfaction, otherwise it won’t be possible to achieve any success in the work you do not like.

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