Exemplification paragraph essay

I’d like to write about my friend’s quality that I like very much in his character. I want to tell you about mercy in my friend’s life. This quality is rather rare in our society nowadays, because many people try to show their mercy but they do it not from the bottom of the heart and big wish to help people. Sometimes people try to show their mercy as part of social status and they want to receive award for their actions and such attitude to people and their behavior will never be called true mercy. In my opinion, mercy is compassionate, benevolent, and careful, love attitude toward other people; but for a great regret in our life we meet opposition of mercy that we can describe as indifference, hardheartedness, evil-mindedness, hostility, violence. My friend is an open-heart person and his actions are always directed in positive side. I can said that I saw many cases when this person in spite of all difficulties and hardships in own life try to help people without any award. I think that this quality is a part of his personality that gives energy for all actions because it is true feeling of love to people, to nature and to all alive in our world. I know a lot of examples, when he rescued life of homeless people and help them to find their place in life. I know this person for many years and mercy as quality of personality I think is necessary to develop in my own heart too. In addition to this I can mention that mercy is a hard psychological and moral task nowadays. It is expressed in the following: mercy can provoke conflicts, because when we help people from our open heart not all people can understand this and they think how to thank you and it can provoke misunderstanding in their hearts, can conduce to inequality; mercy is accomplished in the merciless, imperfect world. Successive mercy is supposed by not only a selflessness and not simply goodwill but also understanding of other man, compassion to him, and in successive the expression is the active participating in life of other people.

As the conclusion for this quality I want to say that make merciful to people and people will be merciful to you.

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