Explain why some college students cheat

I’d like to discuss one interesting topic in the body of this paper. It is necessary to answer on important question: why some college students cheat? Nowadays, it is widespread situation when some students cheat and there are different reasons that caused such situation.

First of all it is necessary to mention that many students who cheat want to achieve success in chosen area but they want to do it in a wrong way. It is mean that students use cheating for the better grade receiving, because educational process has competitive nature and each person want to be better than others. According to Henry (2009) we see that in today’s society, parental pressure, competition, and lack of motivation contribute to widespread cheating on our nation’s college campuses. Students are now under more pressure than ever before from their parents to excel at the collegiate level. They are urged to make top grades to be able to land high paying jobs after graduation. They are also urged to succeed in order to gain entrance into professional schools, graduate schools, and fellowships. It explains us the nature and main motivate stimulus to cheating. Another reason is laziness and lack of motivation.

Many students simply want to rest more time and don’t want to spend their energy on homeworks and new material studying. In my opinion the final reason can be find in the surrounding of successful students, because this reason is competition. Exactly today we can see various examples of cheating among talented students, because they need to be first and achieve concrete scholar results, it can be scholarships, grants, financial resources, and fellowships, using cheating in their practice. It is a big wish to get ahead and become the member of prestigious fellowship and then receive good job, make prominent career.

Thus, taking into account all above stated it is necessary to conclude that we define main reasons of college students cheating and understand that this is a problem of not only students with poor grades, but it is also popular among talented students. In my opinion it is a big problem of our educational process and students should be responsible for doing their own college work. Different educational establishments tried to fight against cheating and adopted strict policies with regards to cheating of college courses. I believe that such radical actions will change situation and it will make cheating process much lower.

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