Exploratory Essay


Exploratory Essay, it is a work written in the scientific study of subject (an object, phenomenon) in order to identify patterns of its occurrence, development and transformation in the interests of society.

Exploratory essays are based on a particular human activity, which is regulated by the activity of consciousness and personality, designed to meet the cognitive, creative activity. The product is new knowledge, and has specific ways and means of relating to the formulation of the problem, identifying the object of research, conducting experiments, describing and explanation of the facts, creating a hypothesis and testing the knowledge gained.

The problem in the exploratory essay is taken as a category, which means something unknown to science, which will open the show. Scientific research is conducted in order to overcome some difficulties in understanding the new phenomena to explain the previously unknown facts or reveal the incompleteness of old ways of explaining the known facts. These difficulties are the most distinct form manifest themselves in the so-called problem situations where the existing scientific knowledge is insufficient to meet new challenges.

Organization of teaching and research activities ”“ that is educational technology.

The functions of teaching and research activities:

– Education (formation of students’ basic scientific concepts, learning skills of self);

– Educational (the formation of dialectical philosophy);

– Developing (cognitive activity, individual creative inclinations, logical thinking).

Development of research hypotheses is an important part of this essay. In the hypothesis the truth is not obvious, but only through the kind of assumptions it can most quickly reach the goal.


1) descriptive ”“ it is assumed the existence of a phenomenon;

2) explanatory ”“ reveals the cause;

3) descriptive and explanatory.

When hypothesis can be determined by statistical processing of quantitative experimental results, it is advisable to formulate the hypothesis of zero or negative. The author admits that there is no relationship between the research factors. Upon receipt of such factors is easier to protect yourself from a false interpretation of experimental results.

The algorithm of the study and the structure of the exploratory works:


1) formulation of the problem;

2) choice of topic, the rationale for the relevance of topics;

3) Identification of the object and subject of study;

4) setting goals and specific objectives;

5) Development of research hypotheses.

Key Parts

1) sourcing, the literature review;

2) interpretation of the sources (extraction of facts);

3) selection of methods and development of research methods;

4) testing the hypothesis, a description of the research process;

5) discussion of the results of research.


1) formulation of findings and evaluation of results.

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