Expository essay paper

Traditionally, people granted with power were under a strict public control. However, people often feel being disappointed with their expectations and hopes concerning policies conducted by public officials. As a result, the question of public officials’ trustworthiness arises and this is the question, Ken Cronenworth, in his letter to the editor of the Odessa American entitled “Public Officials Don’t Appear Trustworthy”, discusses. In fact, he gives a negative answer to this question and his opinion apparently mirrors the general dissatisfaction and disappointment of Americans with politicians and policy makers in the field of politics and economy.

Ken Cronenworth stands on the ground that even fair people get corrupted when they enter politics and get the official power. He attempts to prove his position referring to recent examples of scandals involving the Wall Street and unfair and unethical actions of some tycoons. Gradually, he extrapolates his criticism on politicians whom he considers to be not trustworthy because they are corrupted and care only of their own electoral campaigns. To prove these claims the author refers to the inability of politicians at all levels to improve or change the situation. He argues that if politicians “knew there was a problem years ago” than they should have been able to change the situation somehow but they have failed.

In this respect, the author mainly refers to emotions of the audience since he lacks facts of corruption, which is a problem, but the author does not clearly reveal the cause and effect correlation between being elected and actions of politicians. Consequently, the article would be more logical and convincing if the author draw specific examples which reveal the correlation between the power of politicians and their misuse of this power.

Thus, the author raises important ethical issue, which cannot be adequately evaluated because it is impossible to tell that all politicians are corrupted because of several cases of corruption. That is actually the logic of the author and this logic is imperfect. Nevertheless, what is really important is that politicians should really become trustworthy since they cannot act regardless of voters and their support or, at least, understanding.

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