Expository Prose Term Paper

Basically, each literary work is unique. Nevertheless, often many literary works have similarities which make them alike, but, at the same time, they still preserve their uniqueness and originality. In this respect, it is possible to refer to “The Boys Come Home” and “The Snow Storm” which have both similarities and differences.

Speaking about similarities of these works, it is worth mentioning the attention authors pays to the description. In fact, they attempt to describe their characters paying attention to slightest details, their closing, gesture, furniture, etc. In such a way, through details they attempt to reveal their characters. Secondly, both works contain narrative structure where the readers can learn about main characters and their environment. In addition, both works tends to deal with casual, routine life of the main characters, which is described in details.

However, authors use different means with the help of which they reveal their characters. For instance, Puskin mainly uses descriptions and the narrative structure, while, Milne introduces dialogues which make his work more vivid and allows readers to view characters from a different angle. Pushkin tends to present his characters from the author’s standpoint. Secondly, the structure of the two works is different.

Puskin has a narration, a monologue, while Milne introduces his characters but reveals traits of his characters through conversation, i.e. dialogue. Finally, Milne attempts to reveal the dramatic change that occurred to his character after the war, while Pushkin rather shows a monotonous, routine life of his characters.

Thus, it is obvious that, in spite of significant differences, it is possible to trace certain similarities between two aforementioned works. In such a way, both authors create original works using their own style.

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