Fare Playing in New York essay

Last theater season gave the audience a lot of new plays, which can meet the most whimsical demands. Broadway theater presented its interpretation of Young Frankenstein. Disney corporation prepared an interpretation of the Little Mermaid story and children will be able to see this colorful musical fairy tail this fall. Performance will take place at the Lunt Fontanne Theater. Children may also enjoy the story of the adventures of a small boy, who makes his journey looking for the snow. The play is called A Winter’s tale. This story will be played at the WaMu Theatre at Madison Square Gardens this fall. Kevin Kline admired by female audience will be starring in Cyrano De Bergerac this autumn. The play will be performed in Richard Rodgers Theatre. Brian MacInnis created an unexpected combination of Shakespeare’s famous play with famous horror film. This combination named 12th Night of the Living Dead. It probably will cause a big interest of the young audience. Outdoor interactive theater presents theatre hunt event called Accomplience: New York. Tom Salamon and Becky Salamon Sufott create a unique show.

One-actor plays are presented in several theatres and those who like this genre can choose the one they like. Ryan Meinelschmidt’s one-actor play called All the Help You Need is a revival of his play performed in 2004. Admirers can enjoy it one more time and those, who did not have the chance to watch it can enjoy Ryan Meinelschmidt’s playing.

Browen Coleman presents a story of usually Australian housewife in her own play Mrs. Barry’s Marriage. The play is played by one actor. Hello in There is another one-actor play performed by Daniel Reinisch. Daniel, who is also the author of the play made his experience in the nursing hoe the main theme of the play. Another solo play written and performed by Dechelle Damien helps the audience to penetrate into the mind of a 34-year-old woman.

Those who prefer light and humorous timespent will probably most enjoy Matt Morillo’s comedy Angry Young Women in Low-Rise Jeans with High-Class issues. Those, who prefer a more serious genre, will probably enjoy Kristin Palmer’s play called Departures. The play depicts a story of the relations between the American student, who lives in England, with her Irish boyfriend. Cross-cultural relations created a tensed plot of the play.

Horton Foote’s Dividing the Estate is also a melodramatic play, which presents difficult and complicated relations of one family.  Those who like melodramatic plays may also pay their attention to James Herne’s Margaret Fleming.

This play written in 1890 tells a story of a betrayed woman, who has to find her way asserting her independence.

Zena Group Theater has prepared Josh Liveright’s play called Lumination Rounds. The play tells a story of a journalist and teenager, trapped together in one apartment.

The theme of racial relations is still burning. This Production Co revived Lynn Nottage’s play about African American seamstress. Originally performed at the beginning of the 20th century, Intimate Apparel did not lose popularity till present time.

Max Sparber’s Minstrel Show, or The Lynching of William Brown also touches these burning issues. Sparber tells a real story about the murder of an African American man in Nebraska in 1919. The play is made in the form of narration of two African-American actors.

Classical plays still make an object of experimentation. This fall Woldzimierz Staniewski directed his version of Euripides’s play. His Iphegenia at Aulis is performed at the Poland Gardzienice Theatre.

The National Theatre of Greece presents a new version of famous Sophocles’s play called Electra.

Admires of horror genre will most probably enjoy new play by Sibyl Kempson. The play called It’s a Good Life if You Don’t Weaken is an unusual variant of the Halloween play.

Sharyn Rothstein presents a new play called A Good Farmer. Her play is performed at the 3Graces Theater Co and tells a story of a female farmer and her farmhand.

Admirers of black humor will probably like Charles Busch’s comedy noir called Die Mommie Die! Pop diva, the main character of the story is trapped in unsuccessful marriage with film producer.

Shakespeare’s classic is also presented in the list of the plays. Shepard Sobel prepared his own version of Hamlet.

Social theme is described by Jim Farmer in his new play, which is called I’ve Been Drunk for Three Weeks and I Have a Gun. This is a play about drugs, murder and prostitution.

My Deaf Theater together with Nice Spoon presents an absurdist play written by Nick Grosso. The author reflects about the way we present ourselves to others and the way they perceive us.

Those who like late-night plays may be interested in the last play by Helen Eisenbach. Her play called Lesbian Bathhouse tells a story of an actress, who seeks for different sexual adventures.

The most whimsical demands will be satisfied this fall as the choice given by professional and independent theatres presents different styles, genres and approaches to the art of playing.

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