Female genital mutilation essay

Female genital mutilation essay

The topic of genital mutilation does not lose its popularity among medical workers. In recent years, there has been vividly discussed the scandal issue of female genital mutilation. Unlike male genital mutilation, the situation here is rather contradictory as the female genital mutilation seems to bring more harm than benefit. Traditionally, there are two kinds of this procedure, one of which is simply a medical surgery that does not lead to negative consequences. Another kind of female genital mutilation is a traditional ritual procedure that is currently practiced in more than 30 countries of Africa. This surgery is not carried out for medical or aesthetic purposes, but is rather based on ethical principles. Furthermore, such a surgery is done before the sexual maturation of a girl. It is up to local doctors to decide what part of the girl’s genitals will be mutilated. Sometimes the surgery results in extreme changes in the girl’s body.

The issue of female genital mutilation is quite controversial. Owing this procedure, a young woman is considered to stop getting pleasure from sexual relations fulfilling only a reproductive function. Since time immemorial, nothing has changed in the procedure of female genital mutilation. This procedure does not require any anesthetic medicines, making the whole process a horrible experience for young girls. This is one of the negative sides of female genital mutilation as young African girls start regretting that they are not boys. Female genital mutilation is considered to be a process of making a woman normal according to the traditional views of African people.

The opponents of this procedure try to attract the attention of the world community to this barbarous ritual claiming that it violates the rights of women. According to the statistics, such surgery has been done to over a hundred million women in Africa and major Muslim countries. As long as it concerns religion and traditions, everything seems to be fine with such a surgery. However, contemporary scientists have come to a conclusion that female genital mutilation leads to severe changes in the woman’s organism resulting in various diseases including an inability to have children. Thus, it is claimed that this ritual is not directed towards improving the fertility of a woman, so that the results of this procedure are quite opposite. The reason for such state of affairs is obvious. In fact, female genital mutilation is carried out in the unhealthy conditions, which provokes a number of diseases and leads to the formation of scars. It becomes clear that such circumstances negatively affect the health of a woman, leading to severe consequences.

On the other hand, the supporters of female genital mutilation claim that this procedure is an inseparable part of Muslim culture, so that it is practically impossible to eliminate it. As a rule, medical workers often speak in favor of such a surgery claiming that it brings benefit to the health condition and overall development of young girls.

It is hard to say who is right in this situation, and the discussion on this matter still continues. Some people claim that female genital mutilation is a serious problem that should be solved as soon as possible. Other people consider it a necessary surgical procedure being beneficial for the health of a woman. It cannot be said for sure whether the supporters of such a procedure are right. On the other hand, their viewpoint is not that easy to contradict. However, it is a fact that female genital mutilation continues to become more and more popular not only in Muslim countries, but in other countries as well, as it is no longer based only on religious beliefs, but is also associated with ethical and medical viewpoints. Hopefully, it will soon become clear whether this procedure have enough grounds to be conducted.

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