Fighting Girls Numb to Violence essay

Historically, there have been different standards for females’ morals and behavior. There is a trend in increasing rates of female violence. There are certain potential causes and proper measures have to be taken. In the video Dr. Jennifer Hartstein, child and adolescent psychologist, spoke to Maggie Rodriguez about the causes and cures for the new trend of violence between female teenagers.

Nowadays, violence is a huge problem. Violence ”“ is a physical force to inflict injury, damage or death. Throughout the world, violence is used as a tool of manipulation and a concern of law enforcement agencies that are trying to stop him. Word of violence covers a broad spectrum. Its value can range from a dispute between two people before the war and genocide, which may result in millions of people die.

The causes of aggressive behavior ”“ are frequent subjects of research psychologists and sociologists. Neuroscientists emphasize that for these purposes aggressive behavior is defined as “intentional physically aggressive violent behavior against another person”. Scientists agree that the violence inherent in the people initially. There is archaeological evidence that the peacefulness and violence were the primary characteristics of prehistoric humans.

The violence is the kind of human interaction that occurs in those behaviors or situations that would deliberately cause or threaten to do so, a serious injury or subjugation (physical or psychological) to an individual or a collective.

It is a complex concept that supports various nuances depending on the perspective from which to consider, in this sense, its application to reality depends on subjective judgments occasions.

According to the video, “Today, girls fight mean and they fight dirty. Girls are becoming more like boys”¯. “The reality is not that just shocks us anymore”¯, according to Dr. Jennifer Hartstein. Psychologist Jennifer Hartstein said onĀ “The Early Show”¯Ā that the girls are catching up to the boys.Ā “Boys always fought physically. Girls fought with social aggression, with slander and making rumors and all that stuff, and now it’s going this extra step. And girls are mean and they fight dirty. It’s hard to watch”¯, according to Jennifer Hartstein.

“Girls – like the rest of society – are becoming more aggressive because people are getting numb to violence.”¯, was stated by Jennifer Hartstein. “There is shock value for those of us as adults, going, “Wow”¯ But kids think there’s something kind of cool about it,”¯ Jennifer Hartstein said. Parents and teachers have to pay more attention to their children, talk to them, communicate more and share more information and plans. It is important to get involved in the life of the teenager to be able to understand what is going on with him.

There should be taken urgent measures, and Jennifer Hartstein said parents need to teach respect. As for schools, Jennifer Hartstein said “We need to start this early – in kindergarten, first grade”¯. Jennifer Hartstein also said that sometimes children are lost in education, but she doesn;t know how much time is devoted to it in schools, particularly with budget cuts that could curtail this type of intervention.Ā All in all, violence is an important topic that requires solutions and new approaches. All cases of violence and girls’ behavior should be taken into consideration and analyzed. Only this way it will be possible to improve the situation.

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