Final Research Paper: Origins of Palestinian-Israel Conflict

The history of humanity knows too much examples of man’s greed, ruthlessness and cruelty. Most of wars (especially during 20th century) did not have reasonable explanations, or they were hidden from publicity at least. However, there is one long lasting conflict that stands out from the crowd of “people’s anger”. There is the talk about Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which lasts several decades already and the end of it is not expected in the soon coming future. Appropriate conflict is well known as incredibly complicated and multifaceted social tragedy. Usually, its complexity is explained by deep historical roots and rights of both nations for self-expression and own interests protecting. Mainly, the conflict is concentrated around the right for land, however, the political background is well tracked here too. It is stated that the origins of Israeli-Palestinian conflict have strong political nature and cannot be resolved with some kind of compromise.

To begin with, let’s take some historical background for further analysis. Historically, the Judea, homeland of Jews was conquered by Rome Empire and renamed later into Palestine. For over a thousand years later this territory was conquered and inhibited by Arabs. However, the movement of Zionism had own thoughts about the rights for Palestinian territory. In fact, the appearance of this Jewish movement became the most important premise for conflict arising. Zionism was found in 1897, by Austro-Hungarian journalist Theodor Herzl. The main idea of this movement was dedicated to Jewish people’s right for inhibiting the homeland of Jews as the mandatory measure for national self-determination. Talking about the Zionism as one of premises of Israeli-Palestinian conflict, we are encouraged to claim that the primary origin of long lasting war for land is the national repressing, which was experienced by Jewish at the end of 19th century, as this injustice became the main cause of appropriate movement founding. At first, the aspirations of Zionists were rewarded in 1917, with Balfour Declaration, which enabled Britain to build the national home for Jews. However, this declaration was strongly criticized by the Palestine Arabs who did not want to let Jews settle on their territories. Under the influence of overall Arabian resent, the Britain government has frozen Jewish immigration. After the Second World War, Britain’s government renewed Jews’ immigration to Palestine. This allow was mostly determined by global political mood, which was directed to benefit Jewish people, who suffered so much under Nazi expansion. In 1947, United Nations established two states in Palestine ”“ Jews and Arabs. However, the last did not want to take this decision and began war, which was failed by them. As the results Jews expended their territory several fold and established thousands of Palestinian refugees. Later, the conflicts were sharpened in 1956, 1967, 1973 and 1982 and they last nowadays even. This is the general history of conflict origin, which have two truths. Let’s try to take some more detailed view on historical events.

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