Financial Information Systems Essay

Today, information systems play increasingly more important role in practically all spheres of human life, including business. In such a situation, the development of the used books business is practically impossible without the use of information systems. In fact, it is possible to use various systems, such as Seltis.

Basically, Seltis team selling software provides a company with ample opportunities to create instant and accurate sales reports and revenue forecasting across the sales cycle (Hansen 2003). Obviously, this is a very important and useful function which can increase substantially the effectiveness of the accounting and strategic planning of the company because with the help of this technology the time spent on the creation of sales reports decreases and it is possible to forecast revenues faster across the sales cycles. In such a way, this software saves times and is more accurate than conventional technologies which are less accurate than Seltis team selling software.

Furthermore, this software helps to centralize, track, and manage critical information during all stage of the sales process, starting from lead generation to sales projects and opportunities to customer service which is beyond the sale. In such a way, Seltis team selling software provides sales teams with excellent opportunity to manage and share easily information throughout the complex sales cycle. In the current economic situation it is particularly important because the accuracy, speed, and the possibility of permanent access to important sales data and the possibility of permanent contacts between sales team increase their cooperation contributing to the growing effectiveness of the company at large and the stable supply of valuable information concerning the company’s sales.

Finally, the effectiveness of Seltis can contribute to the further development of the used books store. This is why this system will be applied in the future.

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