Ford theory essay

Henry Ford was another proponent of the scientific management theory. At the same time, unlike Taylor and other supporters of this theory, Henry Ford focused his attention on the mass production. He believed that it is possible to improve the overall performance of the company through the training of each employee to a few actions, which the employee should do automatically and perfectly well. In fact, he did not insist on the development of a large range of skills as other supporters of scientific management theory did. Instead, he believed that a few skills being perfected by employees are enough for the effective performance. In fact, this theory perfectly met his revolutionary mass production.

At the same time, Henry Ford viewed employees as tools, commodities which complemented the work of machines used in the manufacturing facilities in his company. In such a way, the needs and interests of employees were totally ignored by Henry Ford, while the improvement of the organizational performance was the overall goal of the work of all employees and the entire organization.

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