Foreign Policy Term Paper

During their development, the United States of America gradually formed as a strong political power, which had influence on many countries not only on the American continents but in Europe as well. However, different presidents had different approaches to the foreign policy of the country. American Presidents George Washington and James Monroe, despite governing America in different centuries, had the same policy of non-interference in the political affairs of Europe. Should our government follow the same principles today or is it our duty to regulate the European affairs?

At the times of George Washington’s governing from 1789 to 1797 America tried to have peaceful relations with all countries and not to be involved in any conflicts. George Washington was the head of an independent but yet unstable country with new government. American Revolutionary War of 1775-1783 undermined the strength of the country. America would not stand another war and Washington realized it perfectly well. Therefore, he tried to establish peace with Great Britain and did not support the French Revolution. Thus he tried to stabilize the situation in country and to support the new government.

James Monroe, who was in power from 1817 to 1825, also followed such policy and established his own doctrine. It consisted in the American neutrality concerning European political conflicts but at the same time it rejected any possibility of colonization or re-colonization of countries on the American continents by Europe. Though at his time America was already a powerful country, such policy was reasonable because in such a way Monroe closed a deal with Europe. Under constant threat of European intrusion, Monroe secured the country against new conflicts (Johnson 1999).

Today America is a powerful country with strong political position in the world. In the twentieth century America was widely involved into the political affairs of European countries. It sent ammunition and its troops and suggested decisions to many countries. Doing this, America did not acquire many friends; all countries have their complaints on America and its policy, either for the help to their enemies or for the imposing of resolutions. Using its high influence, America continues to interfere with the political conflicts between European countries. For example, in the collision of Georgia and Russia, the USA supported Georgia’s aggression and thus, of course, aroused indignation of Russia.

However, such attitude of other countries is explained by the status of America in the world. It is the only superpower and in order to establish more secure and democratic situation, America interferes in this or that conflict (Scowcroft 2008). In fact, all countries in the world express their opinions about different political situations, though not being involved in them. Thus, they take part in the establishment of the international community which has the right to influence the world situation. Nevertheless, many countries cannot accept that America remains the leading power in this community and its opinion and action are very often more weighty than others’.

To make a conclusion, today America is not afraid of interfering with the affairs between European countries. Indeed, the United States of America are no more weak and dependent from any other country and have no need to stay aside. Today political situation in the world is rather controversial. Being the only superpower in the world America has a right to express its own point of view on the situation in Europe and supporting countries it interferes into the affairs. However, is it good for America? In my opinion, having great strength, the United States might easily subordinate some countries and befriend others. Thus, the foreign policy of America helps it to create the mostly favorable situation for itself.

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