Foursquare or Google Places essay

  1. In what sense are location based services like Foursquare or Google Places co(a)gents in terms of how they mediate our movement through space?




Foursquare is a location-based social networking website which is intended for mobile devices or smartphones. Users are able to check other user’s location using the website. Location distinguishing is based of GPS navigation in the mobile device. The system provides the users with points and badges after each check-in. the main idea of the service is that people are able to interact with the society with the help of their mobile phones. The service allows users to connect with their friends and relatives. The service can be linked with social media services.

Google places service is intended to find any places in the world. It is possible to use this service for routine and business purposes. In case you are in some place you do not know very well and you want to go to another place, Google places can help you as it can find the nearest restaurant, laundry, bus stop etc. It may be compared with improved map service as well. If you use Google places you do not need other people’s help. You may effectively change your location if you are a foreign tourist and do not know the language quite well and are not able to explain people where you want to get to. This service may be also used for your business as it helps to find any small or big company according to your requirements. This may be counted as the advantage of this service as standard map services do not have such option.

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