From Silent Spring to Silent Night

The represented video shows the lecture of Dr. Tyrone Hayes who is an outstanding scientist, a professor of integrative biology at University of California in the city of Berkeley. Dr. Tyrone Hayes is known as one of the leading experts in the United States who investigates the effects of different agricultural chemicals on the hormones.

It is known that a great deal of pesticides and herbicides (millions of pounds) are used by the agricultural sector every year. The other thing is that many amphibians became feminizing. In other words male frogs are laying eggs instead of producing sperm.

Dr. Tyrone Hayes is interested in biology and wants to find answers to his questions concerning harm from agricultural chemicals. He tries to understand how the organism of a frog or a toad reacts to various changes in the environment caused by the active use of pesticides.

It is known that his last work was greatly appreciated by the experts from all over the world. He demonstrated how a well known and widely used pesticide atrazine had influence on the obvious change in reproductive development in frogs and other male amphibians. He proved the fact that atrazine not only castrates and feminizes male amphibians it also damages hormonal stress which can lead to the retarded growth as well as to the immune suppression. The last one can lead to diseases and mortality. As a result of these facts there is a decline in populations of amphibians.
Dr. Tyrone Hayes proved the fact that pesticides have critical impact on environmental factor. This is an indicator of harmful impact on the human health. This issue requires the public’s careful consideration.

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